Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Bad! Sorry As....


To my dear fren AS,..

I bet u're really mad mad mad at me now! So sorry coz i blew off ur wedding preparation! Please forgive me! I totally forgot the groom's side is on 8th May! My mistake i didn't jotdown in my schedule! Just ur side i put as reminder! I know if i try to explain to you now,..u might not want to listen to what ever i'm gona say! But deeply in my heart i'm so sorry! Eventho u stil control ur voice while talking to me but....nvr mind! I know!...Thanx anyway for still being nice!

Anyway what ever it is i pray to GOD your wedding will be blessed!
May your Big Day becum a successful event ever in anyway u've planned!

Sorry for my huge huge MISTAKES!!

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