Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MmmmCcccc for today..


Semalam tido lambat nak siapkan script MC untuk hari ni. Ade Seminar for Reseller, QuantumTrac VTS. Memang kelemahan aku kalo MC je, mesti stage fright! Padahal sebelum ni slalu je jd MC. Dari zaman sekolah, kolej sampai la ke university. But butterfly still in my stomach each time nek pentas. And this is kinda 1st time handle corporate event. Cam skema ckit, ade protokol. Which aku rase cm x best..and i need to improve next time.

Managing Director from SAINS turun to support the event today. And officially introduce me to him as a person who work on M___F project. We had some talk about the issue that i face and the things that i need to do in the future. Feel glad when people acknowledge ur hardwork!

And after seminar, masa2 yg di tunggu2 kan adalah 'Lunch Time'. Haa aku bleh wat review ckit pasal makanan kat Hotel Royale Bintang, BB.

Well everything was simple, i like the chicken with herb soup (but kak sara dun like it). I tried behuun sup..ermm quite nice! Then i try mushroom with brocoli, stew stim fish, squid chili and i duno what it was called...the ingredient is terung and lots lots of cheese..nyuummmmyyy! taste like lasagna but vege.

I was amazed with the dessert. Where ever i go (hotels only!), i must look at the desserts table...because desserts can avoid stressed. hehehe...

SI/TI Colleague

Balik je seminar cont plak ngan meeting..adieh! wuwuwuw ngantukksss nih. baper kali aku tersengguk2 kat dalam tu. Imagin la kan, biler peyut dh penuh mate pun jatuh laaa..taaahhaannnn jerr la. But then aku escape jap g smyg..hhuhu bleh la lelap kejap..weehuuu!

Abis meeting petang tu, dapat 2 msg! Igtkan dr die...rupenye bukan. From Tasnim and JJ...both teliing and asking me...My dad masuk hospital! And i trus dial him..asked his condition...

And like usual when he pick up my call,..
"yes my dear. Dun worry! Papa ok je. Papa kat hospital nih..bla bla bla.."
Then he cont again,..
"Tomorrow i'll be scheduled for operation."...huurrmm, i'm worried of him and i wish him luck. Ask him to wait for me since i'm going back this weken.
I told him, "Dun worry papa. I'll be home soon".

Mama call me this evening, told me that JJ's going to pick her up and bring her to the hospital(KMC). She scared to drive while rainning. She said her eyes kinda blur. That's shows my parents are getting old already. Mama said, papa's kidney got problem a bit. And that's required him to go for surgery.

Hopefully, he's gonna be fine! Tonite i wana recite al-Quran, and pray for him. Hopefully the surgery will make him better....AMIN~
(selalunye..when ever my dad felt sick...after that it will be my turn..)

** It remind me of Grey's Anatomy, when lil grey's mother died becos of hiccup! People can simply died....

People please pray for my dad ok...

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Umi Rayyan said...

sis...insyallah ur dad ok...dun wory too much. Dia dok sakit2 je...better operate if not takot lg truk kan... Ermm...bos takdak kt ofis...aduhaiii...patah kaki...huhuhuhu...

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