Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WDP: DIY Candle Deco


I just finished deco this stuff with my maid of honor, MISS EILA PINKY

If you remember entry WDP: SSF Barang Deco. So this is the result...

Bekas Lilin

Lilin Gemuk

Thank you darling!

Actually ni x siap sepenuhnya lagi. Nak touch up lg nih! So nanti kene g beli lg brg2 die. haaaiiihhhh....duit lg!!


3 baby's note!:

K Nida @ allmoments said...

Salam Zihan,have u got a photographer for ur wedding..? If not, have a look at allMoments fotography. Happy doin wedding preparation..

NahiZ (chynk) said...

Salam 2 kak nida,..yea, photographer dh ade for my wedding..thanx for ur offering!

But i'll put ur link in my blog ok..=)

K Nida said...

That's great. I am honored. Thank you sweety.

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