Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back to KL...


Guess where am I now?..HUNYMOON?...ISLAND?,..OVERSEA?,..LOCAL??

Naaa,..I'm in the ofis and working! Yeaaahh workinggg! No hunymoon?? Not yet. We decided after his side reception then only think bout HunyMoon. Maybe we go for local 1st. After that plan oversea,..tu pun kalo ade pitih! =p

Today dah masuk 6 hari jadi Mrs Rasaksa. Unbelievable to wake up every morning beside someone. And most beautiful part is, to watch him sleeping. Mr Rasaksa looks so sweet. So peaceful!

Now I dah ade BIG BOLSTER wit hands & legs!! =p & It's my only bolster. And I can do anything to my bolster. And best part is this bolster is not for sharing! =p =p *ppzzttt*

One of my fren Yani asked me tru her blog, why I called him Mr Rasaksa??..Actually our luvnickname is baby/chynk. But Mr Rasaksa is only in this blog.

The story begin like this...."Have u ever watched cartoon Shrek??". What do u think of him?? That is how i match him wit the nickname MR RASAKSA.
Dulu die sangat kurus sampai I sangka kan somebody else menyamar as him on our 1st meet. Muke die sangat budak2, look very innocent, sopan, pendiam, sweet, semuanye tergambar melalui perbuatan *or shuld i call it 'lakonan',..oohh sy sgt jahat! =D *.

Now die dah berisi, my dad cakap die dah tembam! hehe and dah banyak acting macam rasaksa. Byk makan, malas nak excercise dah, suke geletek2 org lanyak2 cm rasaksa,..=p. Oppss Mr Rasaksa, sorry! Adinda terlebiy kutuk2 sayang pada kanda! *BigGrin*

So di pendek kan cite,..just imagine Shrek! So itu la my MR RASAKSA. =D

Well banyak mende nak cite nih, tunggu nanti la yek! Saya sangat Bz x menang tangan at this moment...

Till next entry,...


1 baby's note!:

Yani said...

Finally i got the answer. How was ur life? Seronok dpt attend ur weding sice i cant make it at Kajang side. Be a good wife ya..

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