Thursday, December 9, 2010

Antenatal Class by An-Nur


Dh bape malam x dpt tido dgn nyenyak. Si kenit nih asyik kaco mummy je. Bukan mummy je, daddy pun kene kacau. Ye la, kene urut mummy. Cian daddy...bile mummy mengeluh sakit je daddy usap2 perut mummy and belakang mummy. Si kenit...dah mcm nocturnal plak. Berjaga malam. Tp si kenit ni lain ckit. Siang pun active and malam pun active. adoiii! Bile anak mummy ni rest? Ke die ni hyper sbb mummy die suka makan sugary stuff. Hohoho ayoobbb..x taau-uu!

Huuu malam ni daddy dh nak kene g Melaka plak. Ganti kawan die for meeting. Cediyy nyee mummy. Kene tido sowang2. Kalo sakit2 kene tahan je la..hopefuli baby x notty2 sangat bile daddy xde..

Ok ini cerita pasal Ahad lepas. I dah attend Antenatal Class by An-Nur for Free. Siap dapat goodie bag lg.
Dpt lagi baby's bag..hubby pun nag, " get another bag!" would i know! =p

Ni dia..

Antara Tentatif Antenatal Class.

Morning Session
  • Islamic Practices In Welcoming Newborn
  • Normal Labour & Instrumental Delivery (Vacuum/Forceps)
  • Delivery Without Pain
  • Care of Newborn Baby
  • Importance of Early Feeding, Common Challenges to Breastfeeding & Steps to Successful Feeding
  • The Miracles of Stem Cell
Afternoon Session
  • Preparation for Labour, Husband's Role in Labour & Delivery, What to Expect on Admission
  • Preparation For Labour, What To Expect & Pain Management
  • Exercise During Pregnancy: Pelvic Floor Exercise, Breathing Exercise, Relaxation Exercise, Massage During Labour.
  • Care of Mother Post Delivery
Afternoon session is fun. Sebab die punye speaker tu suke wat lawak and byk interact ngan parents to be. And kebetulan plak kawan hubby pun join dis class, so xde la rs borink sgt. Bleh borak2 and wat lawak lg.
Opppss...i forgot to snap again!

Tp tu la, after that class suddenly I feel like xde guts nak deliver this baby. Tibe2 takut seram sejuk. Bile baca blogs len mcm xde pepe je. But the real things/feeling diorg je yg tau. Ooowwhhh where does it go my spirit? I x ready nk push this baby...Just hoping baby x kuar awal before my casen's wedding (my parent will be here!) and before mama & abah balik from Mecca. Wait till 3rd Jan 2011 ya baby..or after christmas! =p

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