Monday, September 19, 2011

Merdeka Raya Dating..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

1st of all nak wish, Happy Belated Independent Day & Happy Belated Malaysia Day to all Malaysians through out the entire universe. Best giler rasa cuti from Friday to Sunday. Tp aku kene gak review2 kroje.

Since Friday lepas cuti, so I plan to have a date with my love hubby. Hari2 xdating kah?...of course la hari2 mengadap muke kn n melayan each other. But this time is our time berdua without nazhan. Memang digalakkan suami isteri utk berseronok berdua-duaan skali skala tanpa anak. Ye la kan...dalam sebuah keluarga ada ibu, ada ayah dan ada anak. Tp tanggungjawab suami dan isteri x boleh diabaikan jugak.

We took this holiday as our date day and went to The Curve. Why the Curve??...I like here because ade 1001 kenangan ketika aku bercinta dengan hubby aku ni. Tempat len ade x seistimewa the Curve. Suasananya pun berlainan from other mall.

1st stop is SAKAE SUSHI. Macam biasa lah, sushi is our faveret. Selalu g Sushi King je, jarang pekena Sakae or japanese buffet (mahal!) yg len. Kalo special occasion baru bleh g japanese buffet.

This one is Tofu Salad.

Dulu screen monitor 14"...Now Ipad!

I x tunjuk sushi len since that one is very common type of sushi yg atas bar tu. X banyak pun order, just shredded vege tempura (x sempat nk snap), tofu salad, n etc. Me, I like raw salmon sushi so much and Sashimi. Oooouuhhh loving it. Maybe next month ajak hubby sushi lg. I rs almost every month kiteorg g sushi. X hubby banjer, wife die ni banjer. Aku still alocate money for this. Some kind of treat for hubby gak la.

Macam biase kalo tengok Mr Rasaksa ni makan japanese memang berselera je.

Then after lunch kiteorg g la merayap jap, dengan harapan dapat lah melayan muvi dgn Mr Rasaksa. Tp harapan je la, ramai sangat plak org time tu. So we decide to berjalan-jalan je. While jalan2, Mr Rasaksa dapat rasakan sesuatu. Ooowhh Nooo...(sorry cant share the incident here..just for my own story). Sian je hubby, a bit upset. Tp we still cont jalan2. And I still laughing bout it. hehehe...

Last, kiteorg singgah sini,...

This is another faveret place...CBTL

Most of the time kalo g CBTL, I mesti order Cafe Latte. Oowhh Gooshh, I'm so addicted to it. But since i baru lepas layan coffee that morning, so i've to change to something else called Mucho Mango Ice Tea. Maklumlah BF mom cant afford so much caffien.

And masa on d way balik tu, personal session ngan hubby about my heart feeling. Just share something with him so we can build better relationship, understanding, n anything that related with our marriage and family.

Cant wait for another holiday for Us to date!


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