Thursday, May 2, 2013

BabyMoons with Famili

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Entri kali agak berbau basi2 gitew. Sebab ku upload gambar2 babymoon yang bulan lepas.
Pregnancy kali ni banyak babymoon je ngan famili, kalo dulu byk makan tempat best2 secara percuma. =)
Babymoon ni xde lah g obesea pun. Just local places je, sape kate Malaysia xde tempat yang menarik.

Before this I've already blog my 1st babymoon kat Melaka, Famili day with in-laws.

So the rest adelah babymoon yang berikutnya...=)

2nd BabyMoon at Lumut - My cousin's wedding (9th March 2013)

Event: Zulhelmi + Azrina Wedding
Venue: Marina Island Lumut, Perak
Date: 9 March 2013

My Famili

Tok papa with his 2 lil caddies..

Just us

with pengantin

This time dapat jumpe sume adik-bradik. Too bad that night after the event my uncle fall sick. Immediately my parents took him to the nearest hospital. Got no chance nak bergossip ngan my cousin.

3rd BabyMoon at Cherating - Birthday Treat by Mr Rasaksa (29th March 2013)

Event: Birthday Treat
Venue : Holiday Villa Cherating
Date: 29th March 2013

Supposed to be a birthday treat for kampoi skali ngan 2012. See my hubby a bit stingy (he will say he saved more for rainy day). Best part is, my famili also join the trip. For dinner I treat them Maggie Ketam at Pekan Kemaman. Thanx Nana bagi guide.

With Mummy & Daddy

Mandi Laut ngan Daddy

Sand Scrub! 

berendam plak ngan ayah-ngah

Daddy teaches nazhan how to bubbling..

bonding time 

2nd day: Get ready for pool time!

Visit Turtle Sanctuary near Club Med

gambar kenangan but without angah

This is my 2nd trip to Cherating, I like the beach. Last time i came for company trip and we stayed at Club Med, best 2012 vacation!

4th BabyMoon at Port Dickson - Papa's Gathering Trip (27th April 2013)

Event: Papa's AFATS Gathering 2013 (golfing)
Venue: PNB Ilham, Tanjung Tuan, PD/MELAKA
Date: 27th April 2013

Trip kali ni fully sponsored by my mum. And at the moment they stayed at my house coz i wana go back with them for GE 13th. My dad got a gathering here, supposed he just wana come with his frens. But last minute change, Mama wants to follow. And I took the opportunity to join them...hehehe.

The place is not bad, out skirt ckit from PD town. But as usual la kan, PD memang full on weekend. Kalo dinner at night you better go early or else tunggu lama. Bleh di katekan sume resto Siam/Seafood penuh and lambat. Nearby this hotel ade Hutan Lipur Tanjung Tuan, tp x sempat nak explore pun. Nak rasa gak g rumah api die. Namun apakan daya, treat anak2 di pool lebiy penting. huhu

Sea side of the hotel, pantai kureng ckit.

The Rooms and Hutan Lipur at the side

Excited boys

checking his bed by landing on it
Kat Teluk Kemang, bukak baju terus. Nak mandi laut punye pasal.

amik mood dulu....

terus x sedar diri...xmo kuar dari pool.

The beach...not so nice.

That's all for now...xtau la if there is 5th Babymoon before I'm off for hibernate end of June. Rasa cam nak g Melaka, nak makan Ns Lemak Umbai with Ikan Bakar and Klebang Coconut Milkshake. Tak lupe jagung bakar best, i dunno how to describe the location. Tp die kat petronas station...huhu.

Xtau la if ada sapa2 nak granted my last craving nih...huhu.

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