Friday, July 26, 2013

Emotional Preggy Mum

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Holla everyone,..pose ari ni? Me?..hehe dun asked when u already know the answer. Hari ni dah 25 Julai 2013, hari ke 16 Ramadhan and dah 18 hari aku berpantang. Ade lg 26 hari untuk aku berpantang. Feuuhh (lap peluh!).

Lame sungguh kan aku amik masa utk blog. Pe punye malas la aku nih..hehe. Sementara nak tunggu batu tungku tu masak and baby tido. So I better continue with the entry.

Hmm ok. Where should we start? Which part you wana hear first?...

I think better we go with the flow right??..Start from my extended EDD (Estimated Due Date) till where I am now. Is it ok? But it still will be segmented.

If u read my previous entry about Forty Weeks & Uno Day, I shared bout my pregnancy which baby not showing up on that day. Well everyone knows that when pregnancy has reached estimation of 36 weeks meant baby is ready to come out anytime soon. Some people said when 40 weeks plus mean u r overdue..but actually it's 42 weeks then only u r overdue. Some I heard delivered their babies on 45 weeks. Wat ever it is, we let the baby choose his date! << that's what I GBGM's fren told me. This is depending on mummy and baby health condition. You must monitor baby's movement every minute n hours.

Ok enuf of that, now let me share you on how emotional I'm when it comes to my extended estimated due date. It does stressed me a bit at the end of my pregnancy.

My estimated due date supposed to be on 25/6/2013 based on last menstrual period (LMP) which is on 18/9/2012. But when I think back, I'm TTC is on ??/10/12...I do shared this with Mr Raksaksa but I dun tell the medical staff about this. So the extended date could be based on my TTC date. Hmm ke my LMP should be later than my TTC date?...ok...hahahaha...if u understand this then u might be laughing at me..(extended edd kononnn!!...huhu)

When I reached 36 weeks, I started to get busy with the house. I make up the baby's room, sweep the house's floor, I mop it a few times, clean the kitchen n also the bathroom. I waited for the birth sign but nothing showed. Orang kate anak ke dua ni bleh jadi kuar awal ckit and ade gak yg cakap ikut history pregnancy before. Kalo ikut pregnant Nazhan dulu, lewat sehari. Tu pun after O&G swept membrane for 2 cm on my EDD, the next day baru branak.

Let me refresh my story with the time line...nampak nice ckit kan. Xde la pening2 nanti.

38 & 39 weeks - Did a 1 week check up with KPMC & KK (Klinik Kesihatan). Everything was fine, baby's move accordingly and mummy also in gud condition. Dr. gave me MC if I'm not feeling well, exhausted or too sleepy so I can rest at home. But I still showing up in the office. Sometime I feel bored if I just stayed at home. But I can't visit client like I always do.

40 weeks (25/6/13) - I believed my O&G has swept membrane for 1cm, coz VE was sooo painful for me. And he told me that, I was dilated 1cm. I'm happy coz I thought it will be like Nazhan's birthing story. Unfortunately nothing happened to me the next day at 41 weeks 1 day). Yes there is a brownish mucus show which I thought I will be in labor soon. I'm soooo frustrated! Then Dr cakap baby membesar dgn jaya nye. If by certain time and weight baby x kuar, he gave me option to induce or czer. Masa tu dah cuak, tp still calm becoz I'm not yet overdue. So i cakap ngan Dr, give me sometime or wait til the baby reach 42 weeks.

For those yg x faham, they said that I'm taking a huge risk to keep the baby till 42 weeks. 
1. If amniotic fluid turn to green then baby already eat the poop. Baby will get infection.
2. Baby's size could be big and the option is Czer, cant deliver normal.
3. etc.

Starting that day lah I agak meroyan! Emotional x bertempat, tp masih lg terkawal. Pepaham je lah. Dah lebiy 40 minggu tp baby x kuar2 lg. Tgk orang lain sume dah pangku baby. My baby still in tummy. Di hujung2 ni plak selera makan menjadi2, xleh nk control. Automatik berat baby pun bertambah. Hari-hari cakap ngan baby suh kuar. Tp baby wat duno je kicking2 kat dalam. Haiihhh lah anakkk...

Meanwhile, I tried so many natural way to induce labor. You can google for further info.
1. Eat something spice (mamak's curry, wasabi n etc)
2. Wash bathroom
3. Do housechores (sweep n mop the floor)
4. Use stairs (at home and office)
5. Walk a lot (I walk till my leg and my tummy cramps)
6. Raspberry Leaf Tea
7. Squat Exercise
8. Pineapple (Mr Rasaksa Pineapple juice is the best!)
8. Make Love

Bertambah emosi ms 41 weeks check up (2/7/13), bile Dr kata on 5th should admitted. Mean here he scheduled me for induce or cser. It's up to me to decide. Masa ni plak i g check up sorang2. Mr Rasaksa balik lambat. After check up I terus nangis kat situ. I dun care if people see me crying at that moment. And I rasa frust giler cam orang break off or maybe even worst. Masuk dalam kete hubby calls and asks bout my check up. I controlled my voice and after that i cried even louder. So repeat again all the natural ways hopefully birthing process comes naturally to me. Some of friends in GBGM did gave me a support, 'let the baby decides when to come out, let him choose the date'.

Seriously masa Dr suh I serah diri tu I dah mentally break down. I rs sedih sangat2 x dapat natural birthing. Maybe not 100% but at least I dont have to be induced or worst, CZER. Some of it mybe think it's not a big deal la induced or czer as long as baby n mummy selamat. Tp kalo unnecessary czer cam mane? I buried in my mind (set it) that Birthing is a Natural Process. Wish with Allah called, it would be mine!

Other than natural way to induce labor, I also do something in spiritual. Pray to Allah, Solat Hajat, Solat Taubat and even mintak ampun kat sesaper yang i ade wat salah. I did asked my husband if I did something that I might hurt him previously. He said a lot, huhuhu...But any specific he couldnt remember and he said it was nothing (he did makes a joke of it). But I seek for his forgiveness, since i might be something that had stop the process. We never know right! I did the same thing to close people around me. And most my friends in FB also did Doa for me. Thank you!

On 4th tu supposed I g check up kat KK, I avoid. On 5th I should admitted, also I lari. I just stayed at home and do anything that can induce labour and also cont on wekens. Tp hari sabtu tu, nurse private call my husband. hal call die? Nak suh hubby pujuk suh admit ke?..hahaha. Mr Rasaksa asked me to call at least inform them. They said they wont responsible for any bad risk. Nevermind I said, it will be my responsibility for anything happen to my baby.

After did all that, on 8 Julai around 5am the pain that I've waiting is there. Rs different from the 1st pregnancy. I terus rasa nak teran tp I xtau bukaan dah brapa. So to be safe i just practise breathing technique utk ease the pain. And BIG THANK YOU & GRATEFUL to ALLAH, I have dilated 5cm. I is menangis dalam toilet u ollss, ms tu nurse dah masuk ubat bontot suh berak. Around 12.05 pm lahir lah baby boy 42 weeks tuh. Birthing story will be soon. Rasa bersyukur giler lah, luckily la menjadi gak natural way tu. Thanx!

Actually I emosi ms tu bukan pe,

first bile dr cakap pasal induce/czer I dah terbayang kesakitan semasa process tu nanti. Ooouuchh! And czer plak penjagaan selepas tu agak renyah compare orang bersalin normal. Cume sakit jahit kat bawah tu je lahhh. Mula die bagi i tunggu until 42 weeks, but 41 weeks cakap lain plak. Die cakap if baby besar kemungkinan utk normal rendah, so kene czer. Which i dun buy to what ever he told me but he did scared me with other story..bla bla die suh i serah diri, still bleh normal tp kene induce utk dilate more bukaan.

2ndly is budget! Yes $$ because this time is fully support from hubby. Kalo dulu ex-comp hubby tanggung and we not even kuar sesen pun. But this time if czer, we have to spent more than 5G. Oowwhh dear. This part I cried a lot. Tak sampai hati nk suh hubby bayar byk tu. I know he's being nice enuf by letting me deliver at private. So nape I mesti nk susah2 kan die lg. Ye la..ade stgh orang, if u can save a lotttt y go to private. Hosp gomen pun same. But as for me, it's such a big different. Walaupun my mum is a gov servant before, ntah laaa.

Most of all is I emosi because penat dah carry perut ke hulu ke hilir. Still driving, still g office, still do house chores n etc. Tgk FB, most of people I know which their due date is later than me dh pegang baby. N lagi satu when people asking me, eh x branak2 lg ker? eh biler ur due date? huuuhhh stress tau dak...Rs cm nak jerit stop asking me when, will pop out when he wants too!

But thank to u my dear frens. You know who you are..who supports me through out my pregnancy and birthing journey.

So next will be my so called natural birthing process HIS way. InsyaAllah~

Ps: sorry my story a bit tunggang langgang as i need to stop few times for my confinement process and also melayan 2 orang anak lelaki.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Salam to all..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Salam berbloging..sorry saya mendiamkan diri since the last entry. Al maklum la time tu mak buyong emo ckit. Nak tau emo sebab ape nanti will do write about it. Kalo ikutkan ni byk nak story mory, but i will make it a few series ok.

Now saya tgh berpantang kat rumah parents saya di Perlis tanpa suami di sisi. Rindunye saya pd die, next weken baru die balik jumpe anak2 n bini die nih.

Pada kawan2 FB sume dh tahu serba sedikit info anak ke dua saya. But for those reader yg xde dalam frenlist saya sure ternanti2 kan. Gambar sume still dalam phone n x transfer lg dlm lappy. Bile dah edit2 nanti baru saya akan paste kat sini with the latest entry k. As for now entry nak say hi je.

Pregnancy baby ke dua agak berlainan dr baby pertama. Even cerita kelahirannya juga agak jauh berbeza dr kelahiran anak pertama. Orang kate lahir anak ke dua lebiy mudah dr anak first. Tapi tidak bagi saya, kelahiran baby kali ni agak menyiksa kan. Berpantang kali ni pun agak berlainan dr berpantang anak pertama. Dulu anak pertama, mak saya masih lg bekerja. Now die dah pencen so die ade byk masa untuk fokus pada proses berpantang saya. Kali ni agak strict berbanding dulu. Ape nak buatkan, nak cantek kene sakit.

Tu pasal kat status FB saya, masa preggy siksa cara preggy. Then lepas preggy, seksa nak deliver plak. Masih terasa akan kesakitan tu. Lepas deliver, nak berpantang plak..hohoho. True indeed, sume ni ade ganjaran dan hikmah dari Allah. Bukan saya nak mengeluh, sekadar mengingati diri. This is how a wife, a mother has to sacrifice for her husband and children. Which all women in the world has to experienced it.

Alhamdulillah and SubhanAllah, it's such a wonderful experience.

To all my muslim frens, Salam Ramadhan. Kali ni saya kene lalui pengalaman ganti puasa selama sebulan.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Xde nak cite pepe sangat pun. Ni cite pasal anak teruna den...Huhuhu

Hadif Nazhan. Dah 2 Tahun 6 Bulan esok. Bakal jadi Abg long. Alhamdulillahhhh...
Membesarkan die xde la susah sangat. Dr kecik menyenangkan, challenging ckit2 tu ade lah.. Adat lah budak-budak kan..

Since lahir, nanges tu biasa2 je. Then menyusu plak no problem, botol bleh..nenen pun bleh. X memilih. Kiteorg just gune botol medela puting standard. After that botol pureen je sampai lah sekarang. Plan nk beli botol kaca. Tp Mr Rasaksa kate kang kalo die ngamok mau berderai botol tu. Ok forget it.

Bile kene sumbat FM, ok je. Xde alahan or efek ape2, Alhamdulillah. Susu pun AnMum je sampai stage 3 then tukar Dutch Lady 123 (sbln 4-5 bungkus).

Part pampers plak, DD die start gune pureen NB. Shifted to PetPet, then Drypers, pas tu Huggies, sometime Whoopee, ada masa plak Diapex and Fitti pun penah try. X penah gak cause trable like skin problem ke ape. Setakat bocor tu je la. And pampers yg saya beli haruslah RM 30 ke bawah. huhuhu ..CD ade few time je la pakai on weken.

Part makan ade certain food je x suke. Like telur sampai skrg die x suke.

Mende yg i prasan pasal die ni, die pandai amik hati. Example, die buat kite marah tp die tahu nk amik hati kite balik. So sumtime i tak tau sama ada nak marah dia or nak gelak. But most of the time end up hugs die ketat2..

Nowadays die dah pandai cakap. If u layan die u might end up gelak je la. Mcm2 merapu. I think that influences by Upin-Ipin and other people around him. Maklum lah rumah babysitter sume org besar je. Xde yg same age ngan die. So die biasa mix ngan org dewasa which xde la pelat budak2.

He also ringan tulang bantu i especially sidai and angkat baju. I will request him a hanger and later ask him to hang his clothes. Part angkat baju, die akan angkat yg sblh bawah je lah n put in the basket. Or else die akan mintak baju yg i ceraikan from hanger and masuk dalam basket gak. And now mintak tolong amik itu ini die dah boleh di harap. Semoga menjadi anak yg rajin ye sayang.

The latest is, last nite he went for a baby's check up with us. Most of the time memang bawak die pun sebab we want him to be part of the process. And after check up semalam, balik tu my tummy cramp hard and Mr Rasaksa like usual will rub my tummy and Nazhan pun rub same utk tenangkan adik baby. Balik tu die ckp, mummy cakit pewot. cakit agi..die akan dtg pegang pewot.

And this morning, selalunye die bangun die akan tanye org yang die x nampak. "Mummy..daddy ane?"...when i say daddy g mandi...he will reply "Oooooo" and search for daddy. If achu around he will ask where is his achu. But different from other day, today he asked me "Mummy, ane?"...I was like, aiikk xkn ngigau kot. So i told him "Adik baby blum kuar adik baby!" sambil tunjuk perut yg cekang lagi bulat nih. Mean here he is ready to be Abg long and help me to take care of his brother. I hope baby pop out very soon, as he needs to know Abglong is welcoming him to the world.

X sangka plak die bleh tanye adik baby....hopefully I wont missed much of his growing process. But I know I missed it to my babysitter when I left for work. Which I get an update everyday.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Japanised by Daddy

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Selamat Siang sume...Ok, jangan terkejut. Xde surprise pepe di sini. And yea until today I'm 41 weeks, have not delivered our baby yet. He's waiting the royal baby to pop out same date with him. Even Dr has scheduled me on 5th for induce, I think i would like to say NO. Just wait till 42 weeks. Wait till the baby comes out naturally. It's a tough decision with the risk that I should think. But Allah knows well what best for me and my baby. Orait that's it. Lets move to another story. My life is not only about pregnancy right.

Last night, since reaching towards the end of my pregnancy I feel like a bit lazy to cook. So Mr Rasaksa offer to treat us. At first i was thinking of Wong Solo, the spicy Ns. Ayam Penyet with fried soybean and taufu dip with the spicy soy sauce...uuuuhhhh so nice! But then tutup la plak. So decide g Sushi King je la. 

Like usual my menu mesti berkaitan soba n Mr Rasaksa Udon. Lg pun nazhan dh pandai makan so kene order makanan yg die bleh makan skali. He likes soup very much so Soba soup is gud enuf. Yang lain2 tu sushi je. Me if sushi, I memang akan amik Raw Salmon Sushi at least 2-3 plate. Share la ni with Mr Rasaksa. And Mr Rasaksa will pick yang lain, share jugak.

Nak di jadikan cite semalam. Masa nak celup raw salmon dalam shoyu n wasabi sauce, Nazhan tanye "Mummy, ni ape?". So I told him "It's a fish". Terus die kate..nak nak nak. Die ni memang suke fish and ayam. Mula cam berat nak bagi sebab raw kan, kang die luah balik. So I cubit ckit bg die rasa. Skali kau.."Mummy..mummy,..Nak...Nak...Nak agi!". Haaaahhhh sudah kau...nak makan yang memahal saje. 

Dulu masa kecik wat salmon, xmo makan. Die wat muka busuk. Ye lah kan, salmon ade bau ckit. Now die dah suke Raw Salmon plak. Skali Soba Soup sampai, so bleh la distract die ngan mee. Ohh ye, die pun suke mee gak. Makan ngan soup lg suke. Masa die makan ni, aku cont makan sushi je. Ingatkan die dah lupe, skali die nampak la plak Raw Salmon Sushi. Terus la nakk...

Mula2 nak soba sup... 

Try nk wat sign 'Best'

Tp mummy plak salah candid...

Ni la die raw salmon yg mummy dh slice kecik2.

I laughing giler2 kat situ. Dah macam kucing doo makan ikan mentah. Sib bek ms tu org dh packing2 nk simpan. Kalo die nampak lg, jenuh laa. Ckp ngan Mr Rasaksa, "pas ni senang la daddy nk bg nazhan makan. Beli salmon, slice kecik2 bg die makan"...hahaha...kan mcm kucing!