Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jinbei For Sale!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Helloo everyone... Have something for your baby....


from Google : Jinbei Kimono

Nazhan Wear Blue Jinbei

This is originally imported from JAPAN.

There is 2 colours: BLUE & WHITE

Size: 90 (1 pieces left) and 95 (1 pieces left)

(suitable for boy & girl 1 year above)

PRICE: RM60 RM 50 + RM6 (postage)

Email : pu3cleopatra[a]gmail[.]com

  • Blue 90 - Available
  • Blue 95 - (sold)
  • White 90 - (sold)
  • White 95 - Available

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Penjagaan MiPump

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Salam Oktober buat sekelian readers. Walaaweeeyyy lg 2 bulan 2014! haiihh..2013 not so much achievement. Cam mano nih??!!

Alhamdulillahhh..I got few gud feedback bout MiPump First Year. Thank you for quoting me in your blog Ana Farhana.

Dulu ade one of my friend pun komen about this. Masa tu die tengah cari pump, then I suggested this pump. Since it's cute like MFs, electric and batery operated, easy to handle, and sweet colour also. And most important it's Double Pump and it's affordable (price below RM400). I target to get one of this for 2nd baby. Alhamdulillah, I got it!

For your information, man-mana pump yang ade tube memang akan terjadi 'backflow' kalo tak handle betul-handle. Sebab kalo berlaku 'backflow' maka liquid akan memasuki tube dan seterusnya ke motor pump. So akan timbul isu motor pump rosak.

Let me share with you on how to handle MiPump Double.

Ni di antara alatan-alatan MiPump. Mipump ade valves which I have connected with bottle adapters. Bottle adapters tu yang dalam bekas sebelah Flexi-Fit Breastshield.

MiPump Equipment

Kalo takde electric or nak pump anywhere, you boleh guna battery AA pasang kat Pump Cradle (like below pic) and attach pump to the cradle.

Pump Cradle: Battery AA Operated

Ni pump die. "Commeeeyyy tak pummpp?" (ala-ala kak ton). Ok I know, die x mcm MFs ada timing and memory. Tapi boleh control level of suction.

Electric Operated

Ni hose connector to bottle adapter. Basically lepas pump, I akan pull out the connectors with hose.

Hose connectors

To pengguna-pengguna MiPump. Selepas pump, pull out the connectors mcm gambar di bawah.

Connectors and Bottle Adapters.

After pull out the hose and connectors, you can keep everything in the bag. Accessories MiPump yang kene basuh is breastshield, bottle adapter together with valves and bottles. And kering kan. Kalo nak sterile, make sure accessories getah lembut-lembut tu tak payah sterile ok. Takut nanti rosak.

Bag yang cute.

This is how I arrange my MiPump. For cooler bag, I'm still using MFs.

Peringatan: Hose/Tube x perlu basuh ye.

Sentap tengok new upgrade First Year Pump. Touch screen tuuuuuuuu....
BreastFlow Memory Pump