Friday, July 28, 2017

Something to start again..

Assalammualaikum w.b.t,

Agak lama tak blogging. Curi masa sekejap mencoret di sini. Missing this SweetPea Pumpkin very much. Bila dah lama tak menulis. Bahasa pun agak kucar-kacir. Worst~

Me..nothing much! Busy with work of course. Busy as a wife,..a mother,..a cooker,..a cleaner,..a you name it. House chores that never end. Yea wearing lots lots of hat. Name it, it will be on top of my head.

Anak-anak alhamdulillah. 2 sihat, Nazhan & Ilma. Sorang lagi, Daiman baru recover chicken pox. Ni dalam healing process. Which I'm afraid others will get infected...not now but soon. Just wait & see. Hopefully they wont get infected. Tapi Iman kene pun takde lah teruk sangat. Mild je la. Dah bagi minum sup ayam kampung & minum air kelapa 2-3 biji, tak ada pun keluar banyak bintik ayam tu. hahaha.. So I guess everything undercontrol.

My husband,..well he is busy with his job..his hobby gardening. Tanam macam-macam jenis pokok around the house. And each ada purpose dia. Some for this..some for that. Yang penting ada buah boleh makan. If you come to my house and explore the area, you can pick a fruit. So ini kira edible garden la. Hmm tengah nak racun dia lagi ni tanam pokok lagi. Me, not that I'm not interested. But banyak mende dalam rumah nak di buat. Love gardening too. My hand quite cold to plant a tree ok. Pokok hidup! But my husband lagi terror la. He's experienced a lot by experimenting. And he's also petting a lobster (air tawar of course..mana nak cari laut tgh2 town ni) in the house. Ni pun one of his experiment jugak. Not sure la is it for meal or just pet. Course he did asked me to cook few that has died long time ago. Ada dok keraih lagi dalam fridge. Euuww..wonder who's gonna eat it! yeaarkkss..
(sorry hub)

As some might know I'm now WAHM (working at home mom)..wuuhhuu. Not so wuhuu ok. Has it owns advantage & disadvantage too. So far kind a enjoy it.

Oowhh..okay. I have to stop now. Need to pick up my babies from babysitter house.
Till then...

Pray that I will R.A.J.I.N to blog again okay.


Ps: Wanna hears from all of you's life been doing?

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