Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weirdo Angah


Actually i'm so pelik when i received a comments from my angah in Frenster!! Asked me about famili vacation! Well i miss that too,..Such a long time after i finished study langsung xde break, xde sweet escape with my famili! If ade pun just my bro n pama...while me, left behind! And I think last time we had a moment on top of Gunung Jerai! Tu pun just for a moment, pasai aku gedikss..ye la mana aci, sume penah stay kat atas tu...just aku je!..xpenah...adilkah itu??!!

But yg aku paling bengang is, my mom cancel her trip with me!! sooo dem sad! Tp nk wat cm ne kan...Hope there will be next time for her and me! Mother Doter Trip!

So ni adalah antara message die!..Which sound so awkward for me to read this;

With these kind of messages make me think...apehal lak ngan budak nih??
lain macam je words die!!...tp die ni memang kadang2 melodramatic ckit! So dengan perasaan panik aku terus je call die! Bukan pe just to make sure he's fine! And x semena2 terbukak plak cite keturunan...huhuhu..xpe yg ni len tawoonn cite k!

He said that he miss our asal usul...our kampung in Taiping! Miss all the memory we wrote there! and i cried in my heart!!..Me too! I miss that place so much! A place of a memory with all relatives...well i dun wana to forget all of this history...and i believe time by time we should talk about it and laugh and cry with this kind of memorable story...so we can still cherish those moment we had..And that's what i want in my realationship with my baby, where we can tease, laugh, cry together just to remember the moment we met, the moment we had fight, the moment of everything...insyallah we all going to be a better person day by day!

And i really miss arwah WAN and ATOK!

Me and aina always share about this things..when ever we meet we never forget to remind each other...bout how wonderful time we had as a cousin growing up in a very beautiful famili...with pretty bad n gud experience! reminiscent the moment

Maybe later i'll propose to mama n papa bout this plan! Just need to find a right time n date...so we all can gather again! just us 24!!

Ooouuu..before i forget,..24 is our initial! which mean ZA = 24!! My dad got za, my mum za, me za, angah za, jj xde die zu,..n adik za. even our house no also 24..our car,..ermm my car got 24 n papa's car also 24..

Mother's Day just around the corner..ermm what should i plan for her??..hopefully she will be in KL on that time! So i can treat her something!

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