4th Day Quarantine

7:02 PM

3rd Day Quarantine

9:53 AM

2nd Day Quarantine

10:43 AM

Suspected & Self Quarantine..

6:13 PM

Sick...H1N1 symptoms??

6:23 PM

Cincin dah sampai..

11:55 AM

Henpon Hancusss

11:28 AM

Wedding Planner..

1:53 PM

Salam Ramadhan buat kalian..

1:39 PM

Biar kan je la...

4:05 PM

Never say..

11:17 AM

MmmmCcccc for today..

7:18 PM

The Price of Love..

1:19 PM

That's IT...

2:04 PM

Bro Dating

12:49 AM

Previes pikces entry update..

2:02 PM

Menghapdet Info...

9:20 PM

Evening with Eila..

4:58 PM

TEKSI KuWaNg HajoR..

12:15 AM

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