Friday, July 10, 2009

PAPA's Beday..


Today is my dad's Beday. His name is Zamberi Ismail. He was bornt on 10th July 1957 and he's turn 52 this year!

I wish him early dis morning before heading to attend a meeting with my client. He sounds so happy and i heard voices behind there, and there was a beday party throw by his staffs. Too bad i was not there to celebrate with him.

Just now i recieved a video call from him! I saw my dad, he's smiling! And i also saw makcik ros, atok, mama, adik and others celebrating papa's beday sumwhere at restaurant in Kuala Perlis...uurrgghhh so jeles of them! They are partying ikan bakar and other seafud without me around! huuu =(..sob sob sob!

If only i got my own jet,...for sure i'll fly to perlis.

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Umi Rayyan said...

zihan...kak rina cuti aritu...alahai...xdpt celebrate bday ur dad di diaorg ada simpan 1 slice cake...yummmy :-p

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