Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's day...


Today Father's Day! And i'm away from you...These very few days i really miss him! and also mama!...ermm soon i'm no longer his baby girl!!..huu~

Happy Father's Day PaPa!

I'm just coming back from penang this evening! While on the way from penang to kl, i recieved a msg from baby that mama invited for father's day dinner tonite! At first i was thinking just to meet him only,..Dinner was great! Happy Father's Day to uncle too! (baby's abah!)

Malam ni oso got oportunity get to know IBU baby! Nice lady! just like MAMA baby!

Both my mama n papa & baby's abah n mama got mother's and father's day in advanced!
But i'm planning sumthing else for beday papa which is on July! (hopfuly bleh balik bulan 7/8 celebrate!)

enuff of this wonderful day! tomorrow is another big day! ade presentation and preparation for quotation! Need to be ready! haiiiyaaaa cramp lg otak ini!

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