Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mistery Guy I luv..


I think I fell in luv again!!

He's a mistery. He's miracle. God sent him here to earth. I only got a chance to know him from a picture. Just a picture. A picture describe a thousand words. For me, one suitable words to describe is I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM! He catch my eyes. And catch my heart too. And i cant ever resist him anymore.

At 1st i know that he's existed, i'm so curious to know him! To meet him. To touch him. To kiss him. To hug him. I need to wait for a right time to see him. Soon i'm going to meet him. But when?? Have to free my schedule next month! After the launching event!

I wana buy something to impress him. huurrmm what most suitable item suit him best?? anything??...huh i need to surf the web to find wonderful thing for him!

Cant wait till that moment to meet him...Even Papa & Mama also love him!!

>>> AKU ANGAU!! <<<

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