Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not so wonderful day..but still beautiful..


Semalam one whole day at home. But still working eventho i'm sick! Need to call this person that person, just to make sure eveything work according to the plan!

Early this morning need to follow kak sara send out a tender in Putrajaya. Along the way we chitchat a lot about life..about marriage! hehehe i'm not married! but i'm learning!..In life, marriage life there is a lot of unexpected things will happen either it's ur will or not ur will! It's Allah will (cant put GOD, nnti ade org tegur!!..hehe)..Everyone dreams of a fairytale, happily ever after. Does it ever existed?? But i know..each and everyone of us has our very own version of fairytale love life story..

See Cinderella, does she heppy at the beginning? nop right!! She's been bullied by her step famili..but at the same time she's hepy with her friends..later get married and heppy with her prince..but umah tangge die xtau la kn...tht her own version!

What about urs?? i've seen my parents,..some one else parents, uncles..aunties,..cousins..and many more! And everyone came out with their own version. And me...i have my own version of fairytale. I dont wish that we always hepy which we are not...we quarel a lot!..fighting for sumthing from small little tiny things to big huge stuff!..But does it mean that we dont love each other? I love him very much, my own way! Eventho there's a time he hurt me by his words or by his action wether he realize it or not...i still love him..annoying!

well enuff..later i cont that part.. =)

After sent the tender, we went to my lunch port! It's a fudcort nearby UPM. Last time i came here for ikan bakar and other various of lauk!..I just wana introduce kak sara dis place!

Sempat gak aku g merayap Time Square after sampai ofis. Tujuannye aku nk beli tiket wayang and aku terbeli gak krispy doughnut! nk wat comparison between JCO, BIG APPLE and DUNKIN DONUT...belum dpt gaji dh berabisan! pose lg la jawabnye bulan ni!!

tiket wayang bersama baby for our weken..

Ni la die...Krispy Kreme Doughnut...bleh thn la!!

and aku blurrrr...nk wat ape ek kt opis ari ni??..adieh! SENGGAAAALLLL!!

ooo another things,..ahad kawin abgboy..sambut menantu!..baju kaler merah ni??

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