Monday, June 8, 2009

Not soo bluess..


alhamdulillah...i tot today i'm going 2 b so blues...but i'm not! yay!!
But i saw few of my colleage had sum kind of bad mood...huurrmm feel sorry 4 you!
Today sepatutnye nk x jadi sebab ajakan syaitonn teramat la kuat! wakaka.. Maka esok kene la pose...ade 4 hari lg x ganti ni!

Ari ni activity cam bese je,.pg ade meeting and after lunch just do sum of my wurk! Planning my visiting, call client, reply mail..errrmmm was thinking wana do sumthing extreme bout my task...but am i dare enuf to challenge myself to d next level?? Feel like i need to prove sumthing to my top level management! Need to get new project instead of waiting for new tender cuming out! It's gona take not sure if you can win or not! Better go for direct nego, and in order to do that i need to build rapport with certain department! (already list few of them!)

In the meeting today, my Big Bos listed all the solutions that we had in SAINS. Kinda boost my spirit to seek new business opportunities..huuurrrmmm which 1 should i attack 1st?? which solution shuld i show to them?? strategy!..strategy! (think!)

K la...wana cont thinking in my dream...

ooo yeaaa...esok aku ade meeting ngan vendor!

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