Friday, June 19, 2009

Unlucky episode..


Well yesterday i got a bad news from my baby, he got an accident cause by other clumsy biker! And i think he's rude if he did't stop and help my baby. Tp bak kate pepatah, sape nak ngaku kan kalo dh berak tengah jalan..ibaratnya dah baling batu sorokkan tangan. But this is people attitude nowadays! Too Bad, Soo Sad! =(... but lucky, few people there try to help him.

That morning, I just arrived from home to office. And my routine in the office start after i msg him that i'm oredi here (ofis). Kind a weird tht day, cos most of the time he'll msg me 1st. After a while..i recieved a msg from him "Chynk, org dh smpai umah. Org EL ari ni, td eksiden.."...berderau darah aku dpt msg ni!..msg him back, and trus call him..ask his conditions!

Try to concetrate on wurk!..but really cant! because i dont see him myself! hard to tell myself he's fine, eventho he's already at home! aaarrggghhh cepat la masa berlalu...cepat laa meeting....cepat laa g setle DO!...then i straight away to see him..

First when i saw him..feel release!..nk nangis pun ade! but control! Die ok..luke x seteruk my bro accident moto dulu!...Can see luke kat lutut, dagu, bibir, n tgn! ade bengkak gk kt tangan die! fuuuhhh! seriusly relief n release!..dpt tgk ngan mata kepala aku senirik!

Masa on the way balik 2...cause dh x thn sgt,..nangis sepuas2 ati dlm kete!..Thanks GOD! He's not taking him away from me!

Malam tu..recite Yassin, my late Grand Ma n Pa's...and also him! I'm Grateful!

** teringat papa ckp, d reason y he dun want buys adik motobike...he said, bikers are like cucumber...melanggar pun die hancur..dilanggar pun die hancur!!...i think my trauma dh start balik..

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