Thursday, August 6, 2009

Evening with Eila..


Semalam kuar hangout jap ngan Eila (KYPMKB Fren) kat area Ampang Point. Most of the time chat kat YM je. And a few time kiteorg arange nk jumpe tp still xleh jumpe sebabnye memasing ade komitmen keje. Kejap die free i plak x free, then when i free die plak x free. Til yesterday, then kiteorg pun jumpe.

Since after work kinda lapar, me and iela went to sushi kat dalam ampang point. Sushi ni dah fusion, mix mcm2. Bak kate baby sushi ni dh modified n x original cm kat Japan. Tp tak kisah la, not bad gak rase die. Me and baby pun dah lame x gi makan sushi. But i plan to take him somewhere someday.

So yesterday kiteorg borak2 dari keje, life, boyfren, kawan n sampai la ke bab kawin. Yang best nye, we both got similar condition. Our bf is bz with something else and got no time to treat us. huuu...we going to open a club "Couple but Single". Just for GF/Wife who's hubby/bf is bz with their thingy.

What ever it is i still can understand her situation. She even cried yesterday when she told me about it. A few annoying things. Eventho my condition is not that bad, ermm but still it's hurt.

We both can understand, how man is buzy find a money to cater the famili. But dun they know tht their couples also working?? Which mean, both are busy looking for money, got tired with works and meetings and became stressed. X kisah la how hard you work ke ape ke...that one xleh compare la kn (Tuhan dah jadikan lelaki mempunyai kekuatan yg lebiy dari wanita untuk mencari wanita yg lembik pun kene kuar gak nak bantu suami). All we want is just your attention, affection which is FREE! You dun need to buy us flower everyday, dun need to buy jewellery (especially who cant afford it) but a simple msg will cheer us up! Simple conversation to show that you care about ur partner is good enuf. What makes you think when you work hard find us big bucks but then a simple 5-10 mins of conversation you cant give makes us HAPPY?

Like Eila said, she sometime feels like in relationship but single! Wana find another bf, she dun feel like she wana search for one. Now just stuck in the middle and have to be patient. Not to worry k dear..i'm with you! When both of our bf got no time for us, we can go out and hangout. OK??!!

Like my bf, he's only bz on weekdays and some weekend. He's currently finishing MBA now. So one day of each weken he will attend a class which i luckily fill up my time with babysit or reading. And some time feel bored too! But he still allocate time for me, but the quality of hangout is no longer there. And me too, even feel like i'm just a weken girlfren (feel like doing it part function when it cums to weekdays). Yea, we still repairing it and try to do our best. He said most probably tht myb i come back early and no one to entertaint me when he's so buzy with his work. Plus he ride a bike to office and when he got home he's too tired to treat me....This one also need to be patient! A lot!

** No offend ok..just somthing deep from a heart.

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