Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sick...H1N1 symptoms??


Bersiaran dari bilik tido. I'm sick today!

Semalam one whole day in the ofis, and aircond plak sejuk giler. Make my lung mengecut and my tekak itchy. Then later i got a mild cough. My ofismate cakap, i cough ngade2. huhuhu...

When i wake up for sahur this morning, my head rasa berat. My temperature not reach 38 yet. So i consider myself ok lg. Then i fall asleep back. But i couldnt wake up and my throat rasa mcm swollen. Hard for me to swallow even my own saliva. Then i clear my throat and i feel so painful. Baby call me this morning..(rajin die call these few days...slalu xde pun call early morning, just simple msg...but dis month..ermm i like it!! =)..nk bulan ramadhan selamenye bleh??)

I told him tht i couldnt wake up, my body feels so weak and i rase cm lembik. I checked my body temperature and it's hot. I started coughing badly. He kinda worried if it's H1N1, coz i suddenly fall sick. He asked me to take Vit C, drink lots water n..bla..bla...So i did what he asked me to do.

Around 11, wat check up kat klinik area Setiawangsa ni. She said my body temperature is high. Tp i x nmpk from her thermometer (oohh i do hv my thermometer 2..which my mum provided me since college..do self check up 1st before meet a doc). So she gave me 5 types of meds for my throat, cough, fever, antibiotic n flu. She said if i'm not getting better please comeback after 2 days. Ooo yeaa, she did gave me MC's for 2 days.

I did informed my mum too, she asked me to take care of myself and drink a lot of water 2. And if there is a severe headache or anykind of symptom that related to H1N1 she told to go straight away to gov hospital.

Let us check Swine Flu Symptom.
1. Fever or Chill
2. Headache
3. Nasal Congestion or Running Nose
4. Sore Throat
5. Cough
6. Body Ache & Lethargy
7. Lack of appetite, Nausea or Vomitting.
8. Diarrhea

Currently until this hour from last nite, i only got symptom no 2,4,5,6 out of 8. Is this dangerous sign???

Well if high fever also we'll face the same thing right??. Wait till 2nyt. If getting worst then i off t hospital.

Ooowwhh today, i dh x pose. huuu~ sure banyak nk kene ganti nnti.

Guys and Girls...Do take care your health. Dun be like me!! =(

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