Friday, August 21, 2009

Wedding Planner..

Salam Sayang,

As apeared at the countdown's only 6 months left to do our preparation.
And there is so so so many things to think..and make me dizzy where to begin.

Long time ago, i really admired J.LO. I like her songs,..i like her style,..i like her hair,..and i like her movie too. Movie that i really liked is The Wedding Planner. And i imagine someday that i could be like her (the wedding planner). If some of my frens remembered, there is an assignment for basic website. I came out with the idea of "The Wedding Planner". I think i should fine that cd. But it was so long time ago, college time. Do i still keep it? I dunno where i put that.

And now..I own wedding planner! I wanna plan everything on my own. Lagi pun, kawin skali seumur hidup kn?!! It's my Big Day anyway...kalo org len yg handle kan.. ape nk rase nikmat membuat persiapan. nikmat nak rasa renyah mende2 ni..
The best part is..Aku dapat lihat hasil kerja aku senirik. Idea aku senirik.

Erm baby, aku x sure..macam mane die plan. But aku dapat rasa, aku gak yg nk kene tolong die nih..abis aku sape nk tolong? huhuhu

So for engagement x tetap lg. Week ke brape tu dh tau..cume tgh pilih which date. And for wedding date pun dah, insyallah next year! Date ni, aku yg suggest kt baby. And baby ckp ok. Tarikh ni mempunyai seribu makne..

Nak tau date die bile??...Nanti ek..

With All My Luv.

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