Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary..


On 14 September 2009 bersamaan dengan 24 Ramadhan 1430 merupakan ulangtahun perkenalan aku dan raksasa comel. And alhamdulillah after 3 years we decided to end up with glory..which is soon!

Nuthing much on that night, i went out with my Uniten gals as promise. So i just meet him at his house with a cake in my hand. A sweet creamy low-fat peaches cake. yyuummmyyy!

Since we havent have our break-fast together, last Wednesday we went to Midvalley. At 1st i was planning to watch a movie with him; The Ugly Truth but the time not giving us the opportunity to watch. It postponed to some other time, hopefully after we cuming back from kampung next week!

Then we walked around to find which resto for break-fast. At last we decided Japanese food again. And this time Pasta Zanmai (similar to Sushi Zanmai & Sushi Zen).

Very nice, and i like the food very much! Maybe later i would like to come again with my frens. Remember Pasta Zanmai..

We order drink, as usual fruit juice. Watermelon for me & Rockmelon for baby.

For appetizer we started with Potato Salad. (mine better! dis one taste like mashed but has vege inside)

Followed by Salmon Salada. i luv raw salmon (sashimi!!)
Die punye salad dressing sedap laa. Rasa cm nk beli je, so after this bleh makan salad ari2.

For main course Baby order set sirloin steak. Huuu i like, the beef is soo tender.

And lastly for dessert which is my feveret part, Green Tea Tiramisu..wallaa heaven!

** pikces taken at sumone else blog!

Most of the time kalo kiteorg try masuk japanese resto baru, i'll refer back to baby. Because he knows well about japanese food. Because dulu bertahun2 die kat japan. And most of the time, what ever food yg die order mesti sedap! End up eating his meal rather than mine...hehehe.

Well thanx a lot raksasa comel kerana sentiasa melayan kerenah petite princess ini. =D

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