Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sagit Girl Wana Have Fun..


Last friday me & my cousin Aina went out to celebrate our Beday.

She was born on 15th December and me on 17th December. And on 17th December is where Aina's mother (achik & ayahchik) getting married...so we also celebrate Aina's parents Anniversary.

Well there's a story on that date....never mind! Some other time.

These is what we did to celebrate our 25th & 26th Beday,..

| Me'rayau'ing | Gift hunting | Lunch'ing & Cake'ing | Movie'ing |

KLCC : Candy House

Aina, my kasen..my bride's maid

Me...bride wana be!

We watch this together...hapily ever after!

Then we heading to Shah Alam. Need to help our kasen with her wedding!

Ignore all the bad terms ya..*wink..wink*


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