Saturday, January 2, 2010

WDP: Barang Kawen..


Huuuaarrgghhh...uish menguap besar nih! Aku dah ngantuk ni ekceli. Tp xpe la, cover story sikit ape yg berlaku ari ni.

It's a gud 1st new year day to begin with..Alhamdulillah, Thanx Allah for granted my wish today.

Today, wake up early morning but still cant get out from my bed. End up lying and at d same time worried y my rasaksa didnt msg me. Eerrrghhhhh...nvr mind! He's end up sleeping at the side of a road...Gerammm!

To think that a few 'barang hantaran' x beli lg, so I call Eila utk teman kan I shopping. Luckily Eila pun nak pegi Semua House. I wana go to Maju Junction coz nak cari bekas cincin, kitab feqah and al-Quran.

Jewellery Box & Ring Case

I got myself this egg and box....nice!
Credit to Eila..

Peach Scarf

We had so much fun running here n there..find eila's cloth and our tudung.
I need peach scarf so i can wear with my peach dress for Intan's Wedding tomorrow.

Around 4pm went to Mr Rasaksa house,..we need to finalize our Invitation Card and our GuestBook Cover.

Invitation Card.
Mine will be Brown + Pink, follow my theme.
Mr Rasaksa want it to be Brown + Olive Green. (No longer blue!)

GuestBook Cover..still empty!

I want it to be like...classic + fun.
I asked mama to prepare me 1 table for GuestBook Corner.
Should i put laptop? or Digital Frame?
Need to deco with center pieces and aroma candles...eeerrrghhh more money!!

Wait for the result...soon!


2 baby's note!:

NoRr said...

hye~ if u dun mind ring case tu boleh beli di mana ye? TQ

NahiZ (chynk) said...

Hi norr,..
Well you boleh find it at Wedding City, Maju Junction. Ade banyak sangat design die. I sampai penink tgk...lots of nice case! =)

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