Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WDP: Pre-Wed Fotoshut..


Another story bout fotoshut. I've done my outdoor fotoshut with Iela. Eventho she's not like other freelance out there. But i think she's done her job well. And I like it.

Well this fotoshut at 1st, plan nak ride Hop on Bus. But the weather is not so gud. X nak la nanti nek bus tu but then ujan...ape kes kan!

So untuk lebiy selamat, kami just lingering around taman tasek perdana.
Had so much fun that day. Me and Mr Rasaksa xleh siyes langsung, sure nak gelak je!

I'm not gona show u all everything. Kalo nak tgk output die cam ner...dun forget to attend my wedding k...=D




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