Monday, March 29, 2010

I want this!!


Hi peeppss,..
See the pictures below,..Do you know what is that?
Haaa this is what I'm craving currently...I wish I culd have the whole complete set of baking stuff or maybe a complete of kitchen set..(huhuhu kopak la Mr Rasaksa cm gini..hehehe)


Now I dh mula nk start collect all the baking stuffs. Dulu I gune mama punye barang and I have to be very extra careful using her stuff. Sekarang ni I'm gona have my own collections. X sabar nak beli macam2 lagi. And when I got my complete set I'm gona bake lots lots of cakes and cookies,..mostly dessert. So Mr Rasaksa get ready to be my guinea pig yeaaa! hehe

Kenwood Food Mixer / Kenwood Hand Food Mixer

Everytime kalo pegi supermarket harus lah ke dept kitchen. And barang yang I reke of course la this Kenwood Mixer and Oven. But on our wedding day, we got present from Hubby's Office Fren which is Microwave Oven, not sure can bake cake or not. Or it just for the purpose of heating food. Nanti weken nak try! And if it's confirm heat saje, maka insyallah lah oven utk bake harus di beli. gghhheeee *BIG GRIN*

Baking Oven
Oohhhh saya sangat suka akan mende alah ini. Since mama dh x bape nak baking dulu, I took over and I was in form 1. Start wat simple cookies je..Until now oven mama tu still ade, cume hiasan dalam store. Mama dah beli set stove with oven skali, which I godam betul2. hehehe...macam2 I wat with that oven. Buat kuih raya, buat kek,..siap terima tempahan lg. =D

Round Convectional Oven

This one plak bagi I tersangat laaaaa PRACTICAL. My famili do have this at home. What the purpose? Haaaaaa purpose die sama seperti membakar! Kalo dulu kiteorg terpaksa men'set-up' bara api utk bakar ikan, bakar daging and seafud,..with this oven dah x payah susah. Kalo kater ujan skali pun U ol still dpt makan bakar-bakar nih...siyesly bleh diet u. No oil at all...Dengan ade nye mende ni kat umah sure sesi menyantap akan jd lebiy meriah..So ade anyone nk kasi hadiah wedding extra kat I?? =p

Built-In Oven

Last but not least...
My dream will do come true if I got this...

Beday Present kah??

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