Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wedding Blogger Gath


Phhheeewwww!! Baru lepas balik from jogging(jalan2 je) ngan Mr Rasaksa kat Tasek Cempaka aka Tasek Celake (ni my kasen yg kasi nick ni sebab byk caple2 kene tgkap kt sini). Now tasek ni dh improve banyak. Kawasan jogging die dh besar..So geng sume jom turun sini beriadhah bersama org tersayang. hehe

Back to topic...

Tgh hari tadi Mr Rasaksa & Me telah pun menghadirkan diri dalam acara ini, B2B Wedding Blogger Gathering. Bertempat di The Zone, KL. Best gak event ni. N sangat meriah. Ramai pengantin dan ex-pengantin datang sini. And best gak bile ur bestie dtg skali who else if not Miss Eila n her Bf Mr Zack.

So ramai lah ex-bride yg jual their wedding stuff and also renting their stuff too. Sumenye cantek2. For me, I dpt jumpe bloggers secara life. Selalu just baca diorg punye blog je. And I'm only a silent reader. Maybe after this put them in my SWEETPEA BRIDE BLOG.

To all wedding bloggers, nice to meet all of you...
Do keep in touch...
As we will always follow each other blog...

hurrmmm next entry to all the ex-bride is marriage life. There will be up and down, worst than a roller coaster ride! =D

Then there will be a mummy to be entry and baby's blog

Orait,...need to get ready. My Mr Rasaksa dh ready,,,
Gona off to hair salloon....It's the time for 'Korban'..=p

Cant wait to revamp my look...

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