Friday, April 9, 2010

Girl's Hang Out


Tomorrow plan to hangout with ma girls..or culd be girl. Doesnt matter as long hangout. Time ni la nk bergosip2 bagai kn. So it's gona be me, eila n alin. Hopefully alin can make it. My Kazen Aina cant join me tomorrow since she already booked by her fren to watch football match tomorrow night at Stadium Shah Alam. Of course la Stadium kn, xkn kat Kompleks Renang plak! =p

Plan nak g jalan TAR esok, nak tgk barang2 utk wat bunga manggar for Eila's Wedding. Dont ask me when, sbb tuan punye badan pun x confirm lg the date. Since it's gonna be like "taaaaddaaaaa!..I'm gona get married Zihan" from Eila's mouth (which I hope Eila wont do that..or wish that I'm not pregnant at that time to help her), so better I prepared myself. Bcoz I've promise her to make a very nice Bunga Manggar. DIY ooccaayy! Wana make like sakura flowers!..hehe

Then Eila also wana hunting her barang hantaran. So it's gona be great to walk there. I also need to find baju sopan to fit Mr Rasaksa's Baju Melayu, soft yellow & grey. eerrghhh $$$!

And I planned for us to have lunch/dinner at Delicious KL this SAT. I suke lepak kat Delicious ni. Sesuwai utk girls hangout...and daatiinngg! 1st time masuk Delicious ngan NINA kt OU. Then Delicious Bangsar ngan AS. Last Delicious MIDVALLEY ngan ALIN. haa kat Midval ni a few time gk la..n slalu ngan Alin je. And this time nak experience Delicious KL kat Jalan Tun Razak...

Ooo ye, KYPM Girls...Jom hangout bile2 nak? weken ptg?


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