Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Wedding Storybook..


Based on the entry title, actually I'm still waiting for my wedding storybook by The Clique Picture, Mr Azzaharry.

Ramai yang dah tanye2 mana my wedding album. My famili in law, my frens n others are keep on asking the question. But I'm sorry, my photographer is still doing his best to produce best wedding storybook for me.

Sooo peeeppss, tunggguuu sattt naaa! hehehe

Hari ni die dh email mintak persetujuan I.
So this is his sample of artwork below.

Gambar-gambar ni merupakan our childhood time, Mr Rasaksa n Me

This one I dah Crop.

Haaa baru 2 pics je,..dah rasa teruja kan nak tgk yg lain2 nya...

Cant wait for it to be done and mail to me....

Oowhh ye, jap lagi nak g jumpe papa kat midval.
Papa cakap, "If you want it cum and see me...Wajib datang!".

Huurrmmm ape mende kah itu?? Adekah dinner at Tony Roma's tonyt? hohoho...

And malam ni nak celebrate beday Mama, my mother in law kat rumah.

huhu...I kene rushing here, there, everywhere....pick my hubby, go to midval, find present, buy cake, dinner with papa, rushing back home, celebrate mama's beday..then only I can do my work...

And what is that?? ZZzzzzzz of course! =P


2 baby's note!:

W3 ToGetHer said...

ader gak ek camtue zihan...ko luku jer kepala dia...nyibukk hal ormg...dh baca senyap2 sudah...x ska jgn baca kan???? hampeh ar dioarang nie....
x per aku ttp sokong ko!!!!! Gambateh!!!!

NahiZ (chynk) said...

hehe..thanx fezi. tu la, aku pun x faham la diorg ni...

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