Monday, May 3, 2010

1st Step..


Sekarang ni, since cable transfer tu dah jumpe rajin sunggoh I menulih kat sini. Freelance writter to my own blog. Teringat 2 3 blogs len yang x dihapdetkan lagi.

I sebenarnya x sabar nak mulekan my OWN BUSINESS. Which is I'm the BOSS. Tp xtau bile boleh start. Ade org kate it's better try and fail rather than nothing. Luckily my hubby support me to do this. Dah tgk2 certain things laa..

Since I was in primary school did some project selling some sweet stuff like coconut candy, sandwiches, helping my mum selling piza around neighbourhood area and to my school teachers. They luved my mum's pizza and until now keep asking it. But my mum already retired of cooking best stuff ever. I took her place since I bake my first cake, Rich Chocolate Cake. This recipe is from UK cooking book. And since then I'm selling quite a number to my frens. Some of my neighbour also request me to bake a cake which they cant make it nicely for hari raya. Kinda blessed with this gift.

Penah gak masa sekolah menengah dulu. Me n my fren alin after SPM xtau nak buat ape masa tu, kami buat project selling Valentine's Cookies. Oooohhhh yea, I'm watching too much drama at that time, and that is how i get the influences to sell the cookies. The cooky is Heart Shape and got pink sugar on top. Siyes cam kelakar, siap almost hangus biskut kiteorg. But at last laku la jugak...

Now dah ramaikan org buat business nih. Maybe aku pun akan ke arah tu jugak, cume concept die different ckit. Sebabnye aku suke ke arah western ckit. hehe

Another business is DAYCARE. This one high priority aku. Masih dalam pencarian.

To start with 1st step is very hard. For example utk business daycare ni. 1st nak kene cari area, then cari rumah, then kene mintak persetujuan penduduk taman, later make up the house, then furnish the house, buat advertisement, buat open day, buat registration day, lastly baru bleh operation. After awhile, kene bomba wat check up, n jkm too. This is to make sure our place is safe for kids and business running with cert. Bkn just tapak haram ok. huhu...And the toughest part is to maintain ur business and ur services. Belum lagi nak pk modules for kids, meals, activities and so on. So bleh imagine kan how hard is the 1st step...

No matter what, I need to begin with the 1st step jugak. By hook or by crook I need to make my dreams come true coz no one else can help it if I never start it.

Pray for me my frens, so i have a strength to accomplish of what I want in life.


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