Monday, November 22, 2010

Hensem like Tok Papa..


Amacam title?..hehehe
Actually ayat tu from my baby to his's tok papa.

Almaklumlah tgh2 preggy ni, giler tgk barang2 baby kat online shop. Rasa cam nak rembat je sume. For baby new born dh settle, now dah berangan for baby 6 month and above. Waaahhh x nyempat sungguh kan mummy nih. Si kenit ni belum lg kuar. ngeh ngeh...xpe! Biase la kan mummy s/excited!

Ok lets move to the main story here....

I like one set of rompers from Layla Citra Boutique. The person who sell this is my senior and my dad's staff. Kalo nak di ikutkan sama je rompers ni kat website len2 but I think the price is quite reasonable and I knew her so buying from her is worth it. Tolong die bisnes! =)

~ Aeroplane Romper

~ Set Romper ~

Since I want the rompers so bad as a gift so this is what I asked kak rina to do.

Put the item on my dad's table with the note below...

" Dear Grandpapa,
       your little grandson really want this clothes coz I'm gona look hensem like grandpapa if I wearing it. =)...I saw this tru mummy's eye...And it's so adorable...or else u can ask grandmama to buy it for me!..."


"And I asked mummy to ask sweet Auntie rina (kak sal) to send it to u...Dont let me down Grandpapa"

last but not least...

" nak look hensem cm tok kene la beli baby rompers Auntie rina nih."

Kak rina: Capt cakap "pandai hang naa wat bisnes"...


And alhamdulillah, akhirnya Tok papa beli kan set rompers tu untuk baby. Bisnes kak rina berjalan seperti biasa.

Baby sayang tok papa!

~ gambar tok papa & mummy ~

ps: Capt is gelaran to my dad. most of his fren will call him by that nicks coz he's an ex army officer.

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Yani said...

alahai...comelnya...nak rompers ya? hihihi..

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