Tuesday, December 28, 2010

39w and waiting for D-Day...


Today dah masuk 39th weeks ye kawan-kawan. Which mean it can be anytime soon, either late or earlier. But I wish him to pop out on time.

And this could be the best present for next year hubby's beday present!

As final phase routine, everyweek kene g check up. Jom tgk progress baby and mummy cam mane...

•Berat Mummy : 71 kg (sblm 69.4 kg) rasa cm dh terbabas!
•Berat Baby : 3.193 kg (sblm 3.011 kg) husss semangat!
•Urine : -ve (bersih)
•BP : Normal
•Baby's Position : Doc kate dah engage.
•Air Ketuban : Not to worry coz banyak.
•Tumbesaran Baby : Normal
•Next Check Up : 3rd Jan 2011 (if baby xmo kuar lg!)
•Birth Plan : Natural Labour (no drugs!)
•Others : Baby bergerak2 dgn jayanya!

I concerned bout my weight and baby's weight. Huuu bleh kah aku kuyuss seperti dulu. Hubby dh hint2 nih!...Jgn cabar dear! I wana work out hard after this to have Gisele Bunchen's shape or at least Jessica Alba's k. Pppfftt!..And baby plak huuusss semangat, 3.2 kg k! Kalo kuar esok2 cam mane la agaknye. Harap die gebu, sihat dan sempurna sudah laa..

So now I'm waiting for the tanda-tanda bersalin saja. Tp duno why lately I makan sangat banyak ok. I suke makan roti, ice-cream and candy. Kejap-kejap nak menyumbat..kejap-kejap sumbat. huhuhu scary u know! Tu pasal berat nek almost 2kg. haiihhh...But siyesly I dah x larat. Kejap2 je penat. Nak rest..nak tido. Dah cepat mengah skrg ni.

So before I end up my writting for tonite, let me share baby's 39 week progress from BabyGaga.

Whether you give birth tomorrow or next week, it's pretty much all the same for your baby, who is now truly R-E-A-D-Y to face the big bright world outside of your womb. Speaking of wombs, your body is priming up for the big moment and hopefully, you're as prepared mentally as you can be.

Your baby is well stocked up on fat, all their organs have put on the finishing touches. Here's hoping your child is already in the birthing position and basically just "hanging out" waiting for that elusive moment when all systems synchronize in your body to trigger the labor process

pregnancy cartoon
source from babygaga.com

I'm not sure bout pic..but most pepel said it's TRUE!...hehe

2 baby's note!:

ederq said...

hihi cepatlah kuar baby. :p
oh ya, gmbr tu mcm betul je. hehehe

NahiZ (chynk) said...

u think so ederq?..hehe most my medical fren said so...siap suh enjoy the moment..cet!
Tp i dun think my hubby agree to induce before time...hahaha =p
Kalo bleh die nak on his beday 7/1..adoi..

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