Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 injection in 1 day


It's a quick update from me. So no gambar attach dis time. I pun lupe nak snap gambar die. Pas ni no more forget. It's a must.

Sorry Nazhan! Mummy lupe.

Last Monday mummy and daddy took a day off bring Nazhan for his 3rd month check up and injection.

Injection monthly ni kalo nak murah mesti lah pegi klinik kerajaan. Bukan kate murah but it's free. Alhamdulillah nazhan x nanges just merengek kejap je.

Then bawak die pegi jumpe Doc Khairul kat AnNur. Nazhan's Paed. He said Nazhan is a healthy boy and everything was perfect. Then asked the doc about pneumococal injection. It cost me around RM 245 for 4 times injection. Investment untuk kesihatan anak.

Lets us learn about what is Pneumococal Vaccination.

Vaccination is recommended for groups of people who have a higher risk of pneumococcal infection, such as young children and older people.

Vaccination is also recommended for people at high risk of pneumococcal infection because they have a serious or long-term medical condition. For example, if you have:

•had your spleen removed, or your spleen doesn't work properly,
•a serious breathing problem, such as severe asthma,
•a serious heart condition, such as congenital heart disease,
•a chronic lung condition,
•severe kidney disease,
•long-term liver disease,
•diabetes that needs medication, or
•a lowered immune system, for example due to cancer treatment or HIV.

Pneumococcal vaccines

There are two types of pneumococcal vaccine:

•pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), and
•pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV).

As part of the childhood vaccination programme, PCV is offered to all children at two months, four months and 13 months.

All adults aged 65 and over are offered PPV. It’s also recommended for people at high risk of a pneumococcal infection (see above).

Although PPV can be given at any time of the year, many people find it convenient to have PPV at the same time as their seasonal flu jab. Studies have shown that it’s safe to give both vaccines at the same time.

Most adults need only one dose of PPV. However, some people may need booster doses, for example if their spleen doesn’t work properly or they have a chronic kidney condition. Booster doses are usually required every five years.

Masa inject pneumococal ni nazhan nanges agak kuat gak la tp sekejap. Sib bek la die tahan. Tapi kesian plak 1 hari kene 2 injection. Balik tu terus bagi ubat demam die. Alhamdulillah, Nanny die ckp x demam pun ari tu. Malah kecoh je nak borak2 and men2 ngan nanny.

Nazhan now is 6.6 kg and 59cm long. Progress die dah bleh baby talking, smiling, gigling, grab something, dah pandai pilih toys, dh pandai nak wat bubbly but most of the time fail, pandai tengok tv, tgk kartun. So far follow the progress of baby 2 months-3 months.

Mummy x sabar nak beli swimming tub and neck float. Soon baby we off to swimming.

2 baby's note!:

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Salam.jalan2 singgah sini..nice blog :)
jom tengok sakura dekat blog saya^^

NahiZ (chynk) said...

thanx for visiting..
sure will do..
bestnyee...hope 1 day can visit there too...tunggu hubby banje!
He was studied there too...
n nice knowing ya!

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