Thursday, May 12, 2011

Asfarina Engagement..


This what we called one in a row...

Bertemu, Bercinta, Bertunang, dan Bernikah....last Beranak! hehehe

This lady name Asfarina is my hubby's cousin. Soon to be a bride and a wife. Her family so excited to welcome new famili member.

So gambar bawah ni is her pelamin. Byk lagi x sempat nak snap but i was thinking nak cilok je from FB die. Tp nampak gaya nye x upload lg.

So congrates dear on ur engagement!

History of relationship;
Bulan 1 jumpa
Bulan 4 tunang
Bulan 7 kawen

Pelamin glamour

The bride to be Miss Asfarina soon Puan to be...

X sabar nak tunggu wedding die bulan 7 nnti! =)

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