Sunday, May 15, 2011

Milk Booster My Way


Just wana share with mummies and mummies to be out there about my struggle to sustain my BM quantity and quality.

So here is what I take daily.

Last time I took oat mix with milo. But now try dis one but for me not so tasty.

Ok this one is not belong to my baby but me. Using this case to store horlicks. My ofis's pantry has everything accept for horlick. And horlick increases my quantity of BM.

Shaklee Set BreastFeeding is one of the best. Increase quantity and quality of my BM.

Air longan with kurma merah SEASON is one my drink that increase BM stock. My MIL bought me this last time and it works. Until today she still buy me this drink ans store in the fridge. Thanx for ur support mama.

This one i beli dekat MomsLittleOne(MLO). Setiap kali sebelum dan selepas sesi BP I akan minum soya nih. Alhamdulillah it does increase my milk too.

And this one yanie yg intro kan kat blog die ari tu. But it doesnt really work on me.

I dah try lobak putih, jantung I biase2 je. Lepas ni nak try susu kambing plak. My fren cakap it will increase BM too....jom jom try Hi-Goat! =)

Air masak I minum berselang seli dengan salah satu air yg amik di atas. So hari2 I akan amik different2 drink as listed. Maybe ade sesetengah org x faham where I try everthing to sustain BM. Well you can say anything and can laugh as well..but once u are in my place then you know. I do this because my son's right to have the best thing in the world. Mudah-mudahan Allah murahkan rezeki Hadif Nazhan utk menyusu 6 bulan, if more then it's a bonus for me and nazhan.

To All Mothers Don't Give Up...There always be a way! =)

8 baby's note!:

shahir said...

cm sedap je oat chocolate tu.nk bli gk lh :)

shiemz said...

Askum, hai sweetpeas.. hehe.. susu mililea nie mang bagus.. bukan sajer utk kulit tapi utk increase ya bm stock... Shiem nanti lepas bsalin pun plan nak minum gak.. ghitu try gak skali minum yg mama shiem punya.. sedap gak ghasenyer soya... yg lain2 cara tue betul yg awak amalkan kan tue.. semoga berkat kesungguhan tue, awk sakses tambah stock bm k.. gudluck!

Ash said...

well done. when my baby reached 9 months old, my bm depleted as well..n i was searching on the best formula milk bcz i thought there will be no way to increase my milk after struggling and do all the above as u have mentioned. however, the milk is actually there and what i did was increased the pumping session. from 3 times daily to every 2 or 3 hours. and its a miracle and really work. try it out as well..insyaAllah..good luck!

NahiZ (chynk) said...

shahir: i x bape gemar...x sedap!

kak shiemz: tu la kene byk makan n minum nak sustain. Kene nekad kuat2

Ash: huhu rajin nye pump kerap cm tu...i x dpt la nak wat cam tu, nnti bos ingat i escape wat keje plak...but thanx...was thinking to try tht method too..=)

Anonymous said...

Aslm sis zihan,
i nak tanye kat mana boleh beli Fenugreek Choc Mix yg u posted in ur blog tu?care to share?

Anonymous said...

only one tips all da way..

pump,pump,pump and always pump when u're not with your baby!

makan macam2 tapi tak pump/stimulate tak jalan gak :)


~silent reader~

nina said...

thanx zihan for the tips. I tak perasan Seasons ada longan kurma drink, i nak kena singgah beli balik kerja ni !

marvix8 said...

hehehe... Zihan... pasni blh try my milk booster lak... ;)

Selain tu, sy amalkam zikir2 asmaul husna dr awal kehamilan... ada sy share kt blog... jemputla singgah... :)

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