Sunday, May 29, 2011

DNA Launching by Dynas


On 25th ari tu my company wat event kat Modesto's D Curve. Alhamdulillah sume success. And it would be my last event with this company. Before this ade a few event gak la aku participate. Had fun with all the event crew. Pas ni xtau lg ape yg menanti.

And after my office event aku g attend plak event by Mrs Dynas. My fren wanie yg invite for this event. And I sempat jumpa Diah and Fadd (hubby's xschul fren).

Dynas Nursing Attire

A few celebrities yg terlibat...gojes mummy!

With Kak Zan, Vanida & Shide
I suke giler this capel

With Blogger Diah & Fadd

Aku attend kejap je event ni. Belek2 kejap je baju die. Yet sume nye nice2. Ramai gak la celebrity mummies attend boutique launching Dynas nih.

Bleh ler mummy2 sume visit website die DnA:Dynas Nursing Attire Boutique

Next pregnancy bleh la beli baju2 kat it still open for the next 2 3 years from now??....hehehe

Semoga Success ur Business Dynas.

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