Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nazhan's MileStone


Xde cite ape sangat nak cite,..I think a picture worth a thousand words. What if 7 pictures below??....It's Priceless! Just want to share Nazhan's milestone from the day he's pop out to see the world until today.

Perkembangan die sangat pantas.

Nazhan's 1st Day - baru lepas susu

1st Month - waiting to be bald

2 months - menonton tv (mcm nmpk!)

3 months - dh pandai wat face reaction

4 months - berlagak nk pegang botol sendiri

5 months - beragah2 ngan semua org
*dh start makan solid fud, mkn droyan*

6 months - dh kuat berdiri

7 months - pandai bwk ride die dh ade gg 2 btg

Daddy selalu berlagak ngan mummy since Nazhan is Capricorn Baby like him. Xpe tunggu Sagitt Gurl coming! *not now* =p pfftt

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