Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nyte Mumbling..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Lagi 5 minit nak ke pukul 12, 23/10/2011. Semakin menghampiri Bulan 11. Semakin hampir ke penghujung tahun. Achievement masih lg x seberapa. Tetibe now rasa nak merapu kat sini. Merapukah?...ntah!

Lately banyak sangat cite pasal Nazhan. Dah jadi blog anak kah? Tp kalo nak dilihat pada caption blog ni, it about my own version of fairytales. Why I choose this caption. Well most fairytales that we read have happy ending. While mine, I duno how my endings going to be like. But what I have been through it's like a roller coaster ride. There always be up n down.

I love to read others pepel blog as well. Cara penulisan yg ade trademark memasing. But I would like to improve which is after this I will write more that close to my heart.

So ok la kot. Dah 12 lebiy. Hubby n Baby dah pun tido. I better follow their footstep. Hehehe...

Gudnyte everyone!

Ps: Tomorrow Insyallah will be at Azlin Sister/Brother's Wedding at Klang. Then be at my aunt house in Shah Alam. Kazen's Gath.

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