Saturday, October 8, 2011

Training The Trainer Course

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

I just finished my 5 days course. Phhhewwww!...Will be back to office nextweek. I believe there will like tonnes of works are waiting for me...Anyway, my bosses already texted me that we r going to be super bz with POC (proof of concept).

So this is a bit of what I'm doing for 5 days.

Title : Training The Trainer Course (3T)
Date & Time : 3 October - 7 October 2011
Venue: Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB)
Organizer: Malaysian Institute of Management 

I never feel this fun while attending a course. But this course is really enjoyable, fun and we laughing a lot. Here you not only listen to a lectures but you can voice out ur opinion, share knowledge as everyone here came from different background n professionals, we play games, we do presentation and etc. Am I gona be a trainer? Weeellll, I been sent here by my management. So most probably we see if they want me to be a trainer, then I be. But I got 1 oppotunity from one of my fren who attending this course,..He offer me to do part time. Join him be a trainer as well. And I say YES to him. So now I need to come out a proposal for him to review.

Most pictures below is my 2nd day of training,..

a drawing that desrcibes urself

 Our Trainer, awesome guy!

Training Members

Team 1 Malaysia

My Team Hibiscus

Me concertrate,...

Lecture session,..

We also create a group in facebook for us to share experience, knowledge and seminar with everyone.

Glad to meet everyone of u.....

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