Sunday, January 8, 2012

Random Entry For Weken

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Now tgh berehat bersama Nazhan di rumah. Hari ni sibuk menghadiri majlis perkahwinan anak abang mama and anak sepupu abah. Krojenye ari ni makan lauk kenduri which is maveles. X sangka plak anak abang mama ni kawin ngan one of BBF/NCOL group. Kecik sunggoh ini dunia.

Part kelakar ari ni, masa kenduri kat DSE Nazhan bleh plak tersilap org. Die menangis bile kakak2 tu lalu tanpa pedulikan die. Die igtkan itu aku. Menangis sayu die, ingat aku tinggalkan die. Padahal salah orang. But when he saw me terus sengih2, benti nangis n run to me!..Hehehe,..1 meja kiteorg gelakkan die! Maluuuuu...

This weken, daddy has to work both day. So there is no time for us to go anywhere with him. But this only happens most of 1st week of every month if I'm not mistaken. Redha je la coz daddy nak cari rezeki lebiy utk mummy and nazhan. But hopefully daddy dun put us aside as the time is very limited now. For each time we have we should spend together wisely. Dun because of ur job ur tend to forget ur responsible to the family. Ustaz also said, Man's job begin when he's home. =)

Rasa macam x cukupkan 24 hours. Imagine bangun kul 5, siap itu ini. Kul 8am of to work until 7pm baru balik. Belum lg yg kene tempuh jem 2-3 hours. Lucky me ofis dekat. Then sampai je terus amik anak. Men2 jap ngan die. Layan die itu ini. Kul 10.30 dh kene bg die tido. Then me around 12am baru nak tido. And it goes around from Mon-Friday. Weken len cite plak!

Ok dah merapu...back to my original story for the entry.....

Yesterday u all saw my entry bout  my hubby birthday. So we had a small birthday celebration at Full House Giant Cheras. The food was not bad at all. We order entry Clam Chowder Soup, then side dish Chicken Pineapple Salad, and main course Seabass with Oyster Mushroom and Miso Sauce. Last but not least our dessert Choc Brownies with vanila ice cream as daddy's beday cake! This counting as private celebration which later on we plan to make a January Birthday Boy Party. The date I dont know when. And I dont know whether it's a closed invitation (family members) or open (will be invited soon).

Daddy's Birthday

Watermelon Juice & Honey Dew Milkshake with bubble

Clam Chowder Soup

Side Dish:
Chicken Pineapple Salad

Main Course:
Seabass with Oyster Mushroom, Spinach, Mash Potato and Creamy Miso Sauce

Birthday Cake:
Choc Brownies with Vanila Ice Cream

My Capricorn Angel!

Happy Birthday to Both of You...

Ps: agak2 kalo i x letak watermark ade org nk songlap x gambar2 ni? =p

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