Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Own Sweet Cave

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Last entry, I did shared with all of you about 1 of my wishlist in 2012...

Yes definitely to have our own cave sweet cave. Actually my plan is just to have a cave at Saujana Impian. With the price is still consider ok laahh. But on one sweet morning after breakfast, we have arranged an appointment with owner of the house to have a tour. Tour?? la besau sgt rumah ko kan!!..huhu

As you can see it's a very old 2 storey 2nd hand house, belongs to nice indian couple. My first step in, the design is very familiar with my mom's old house in Beseri but it's only 1 storey. Once I walk around the house it brings me back to my childhood time. Then something pop into my mind, is this a sign that we should have the house? Hubby decides to buy since where got cave with this kind of price, with certain sqft. So i was like...hmmm not sure much as the monthly commitment kinda burden me. After awhile then I said ok lahh, and I do pray to Allah. If this is the best plan that He has planned for me and hubby, please make the process smooth & easy.

So far Alhamdulillah. Nothing much occured. We have signed with bank's lawyer.

The Cave has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathroom.

The living hall is attach together with dining hall.

The kitchen is small but luckily there is extra lawn at the back that we can renovate later. The cabinet is definitely need to refurbish.

Downstair guestroom which I can turn to maid's room if we have one or could be our store.

Going up to first floor, our master bedroom is huge. But once the furniture comes in, then the space going to be less a bit, but still huge for me. We can make it 2 rooms out of this master bedroom. Master Bedroom bathroom is 'small' to me, need slightly bigger. The wardrobe still can be used.

The other 2 upstair guestroom is sharing with 1 bathroom which i think perfect.

So this is our house picture taken from Mudah which owner has advetised before.

My hubby already think about the lawn. He wants to make it a nice garden.

Our Cave

Living & Dining Hall

Stair to 2 1st Floor

Office Corner could be..

2nd Upstair Guest Room

Well, the process currently with bank lawyer to settle all the documents that we have signed. Then our lawyer needs to confirm with taxs, pejabat tanah n so on.

Pray for us to get this house without hustle bustle process. For those yang x putus2 doakan, thank you. Saya doakan agar kalian juga dapat apa yg diimpikan.

Ps: It would take days, weeks, years to build a house! $$ ??

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Elly Anaille said...

So lucky you! Rumah lama mmg besar, worth it kalau beli. Happy decorating! $$$$$$$!

Syima Syaz said...


Zihan Zamberi said...

Thanx Elly Anaille...alhamdulillah! Hubby pilih...$$$$ T_T!

Thanx syima syaz,..nanti jemput la..

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

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