Monday, July 23, 2012

Rezeki Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Salam 3rd Ramadhan to all my muslim frens.

How's your Ramadhan so far? Great?...

Mine was fine. I just missed my 1st night terawikh, suddenly i just fell asleep that night. huhuhu melepas malam pertama guwe!

2nd night and last night, Nazhan really test my patient. After 3rd Terawih, he's boring and crying n screaming out of his lung. I'm like so pissed of cause I cant finish my terawikh together with all famili members. So I bring him into our bedroom and put him to sleep. And later I wake up finish the rest of my terawih and witir. Try to distract him with TV also not jalan. He preferred me to sit with him and entertaint him watching TV. Hopefully malam ni die x wat perangai...hv to find an idea how to distract him from disturbing me n hubby perform prays.

Yesterday was my 1st visit to Pasar Ramadhan aka PARAM. It's only nearby mil house. After married this is the param that i've always been to. Not like my study time, me and my frens will go to Bangi, param behind PKNS or Param Sg Ramal.

Actually what's you looking for at param?

Most of the time...i will buy drinks... like soy milk, longan, coconut and sugarcane. Sometime corn drink which the colour n taste is so aaaaahhhhh. relief the throat....

For kuih i prefer, burger malaysia, samosa, badak berendam, buah melaka, puteri mandi (biji nangka) n lompat tikam. Iwill only provide RM10 for param. If not, sume rasa nak beli n membazir. Mau Mr Rasaksa mengamuk nanti dengan menghabiskan makanan tersebut which is not good for him.
As my previous entry regarding on our cave key. We've got it. Alhamdulillah. We went to PJ, see the owner to pick up the keys. Since we are free yesterday, my hubby took initiative to clean the house lawn and the house has been evaluated yesterday by bank evaluater .

We hired kaplamyanga to clean the house area. But to bad, almaklum la kaplamyanga! Cakap memang x penah betul. At 1st die kate RM10 untuk potong rumput, but then we decide to give him RM20 as upah potong rumput panas2 ni. And then we request him to cut down a small tree behind the house which already growth to nebor's house and he said ok for RM30. After the work has done he request rm50 from hubby. Baru ingat nak hire die again esok2 nanti bile rumput2 tu dah panjang. Tp bile die dh wat cam tu, pas ni no job for u! Bile memikirkan ni bulan puasa, Mr Rasaksa pun redha je la bayar kat die. Takut plak nanti die wat mende x elok plak kan..Who knows??

So after this tinggal nak clean kat dalam rumah je la. Maybe kalo xde pepe, nextweek we r going to clean the house. And the other week nak pindah kan barang2 like hadiah kawen kiteorg (lamer giler!!), barang2 nazhan yg dh x gune, and buku2 Mr Rasaksa ke rumah tu. We will see how.

Ok laaa...i will cite again ok...time to stop.

Selamat Berbuka sume....

2 baby's note!:

Syima Syaz said...

me too....i akan dapat kunci for our new birdnest (sewa je) ths week.tuan rumah nak cat-cat n clean the house dulu.baiknyeee.... dulu rumah lama i masuk, macam tempat pembuangan sampah n tuan rumah takde initiative pun nak repair apa yg patut...

Zihan Zamberi said...

really Syima Syaz...waahhh so happy for you too...alhamdulillah..Nanti nesting ngan baby ye! =)

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