Thursday, August 9, 2012

Qreazant's Workshop Staff Iftar

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Ramadhan has almost come to an end. Raya will come soon. And still I'm not preparing anything much. This weken want to make simple kuih raya. Hopefully x malas when the day comes.

This is my 2nd iftar kat luar. 1st iftar kat luar masa join mama with Kettha Iftar. Ingat nak melobi at the same xpe la. Next time!

Kali ni iftar kat NJ Zenith Bangi, belakang Papa Rich. Or nama baru die Haslina Lim something. Can't remember their full name. It's a Chinese Muslim restaurant which is better ckit la dr Abdullah Chan.

I enjoyed a few foods served by them. Dishes ni ordered by Eza (Qreazant Owner) and they started cooking once she arrived there. Very convenience as u can pray at the 1st floor.

Here I have a chance to meet another instructor, Pn. Azrina. She's a Batik Drawing instructor who is going to deliver a 2nd baby end of this year. Congrats to you. Aahh,..rasa cam nak plak 2nd baby! huhuhu....

Antara menu nye (u can view the picture) Sayur kailan which i rasa die deep fried and very tasty, Sayur Campur with Abalone (I think), Mix vege omelet (x pandang pun pasal telur kot), Siakap asam pedas (based on my tastebud), daging masak xtau..hehe n last my mostttt feveret, Ayam masak portugese as mentioned by Eza (kalo eza salah, aku pun salah gak la). They mix the fried chicken with mayonese.

After settle sume makanan, ade plak sesi cookie testing. Of course la kene try kan, apetah lg bile di offer oleh tokei kedai. Ooowwhh sedappp...die punye tart nenas memang best. Doh die krisp and melt in ur mouth. Then try almond biscoti pun sedap and almond honey pun best. Aiiyyaakk...rasa cm kene beli pas ni! Nak bawak balik ps. Tp macam x cukup tangan je...huk huk huk...

So I recommended for those yg suke nk mencube chinese cooking style.

Untuk hari ni rasanya makan ala kadar from PARAM je kot. Xtau nape lately ni suke bebenau makan ns tomato. Esok Jumaat!!..*sigh* sbb Sabtu ade kelas. Xleh nak g shopping. Tapi rasa cam nk serbu IKEA je minggu nih...hoho.

With my Famili

Family Azrina (Batik Drawing Instructor)

The glorius n nyuminess food!

Cooking testing...sume sedap!

Picture: credit to Facebook Qreazant.

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