Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pregnancy Apps

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,


Thank you for all your wishes & prays....*hugs*

I have also informed my both parents a day before the entry. They are happy for me too. Nazhan is going to be a Big Brother. And people has noticed that he act more like a brother lately. It's a sign actually.

Now I'm in 7 weeks plus. At this phase I feel fatigue but no morning sickness. Phheww...but i guess my body full of gas. If I dont take anything for breakfast then I feel like morning sickness symptom.

Since I knew that I'm preggy, I install an apps to my phone. I'm android user so most apps are free to install.

Before Preggy I App P Tracker for Period Counting

This is the interface. I like the colour. 

Here you can add note in the calendar include with symptom, mood & etc.

Once I knew I pregnant, I install this apps. Babycentre is famous if you google. Even Malaysia has Babycentre link as well.

This is the interface for Babycentre. Boring looks and feel.

This one is Baby Bump App.

The interface is like this. You can snap your picture. You can read the info, make a journal, take photo and chat in the community.

I'm Expecting App 

Interface for I'm Expecting ni sangat comel. 

And last but not least,..Safe Pregnancy.
For M2B you can get an information from here too.

This is what you can view.

But remember, sometime apps sahaja tidak mencukupi. You can browse more using Internet. Most info are almost the same. This is a guidance for our pregnancy journey.

Last time masa preggy kan nazhan, I'm not using smartphone. So xde lah apps ni bagai. I just read from the net. But now alhamdulillah. Having this apps is interesting.

Ade smartphone ni pun susah gak. Now I selalu je berebut almost everything ngan die. If he sees my phone, then definitely " gameeee". If i turn on HyppTV, then he says pororo, pocoyoo,..or upin. When I'm using laptop then he will touch the screen (igtkn touchscreen gadget) or knocking the keys. Ooowwhhh dear...he wants almost every of my stuffs.

I think I need to request 1 for him from Mr Rasaksa. huhuhu

2 baby's note!:

Mommy_Cha said...

kalau ade i phone harusss dah guna yang ni. tapi check tgk tenet jerla :)
by the way happy pregnancies ya mommy!

Zihan Zamberi said...

Thanx mumy cha...hehe. I pun dulu xdo priviledge dh ado pun xde la hari2 menatap kan..haha

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