Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Twenty 13

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

1st entry on 2013, Happy Belated New Year everyone! Dah start ngan azam tahun 2013 ke? Or just continue with the previous years?..yeaahh sumthing that accomplish in 1 year of course will take some other years to accomplish. What ever it is...I wish all of you the very best.

Like a few hours before 2013 comes, new year's eve. Me had a wonderful treat for myself. Yeaaa sape la nak treat kan diri ni..or nak appreciate kan diri ni kalo x diri sendiri kan...

Got myself a quart of Very Bery Strawbery and a Pint of Hokey Pokey...MIL & SIL pun borong same. Saje wat stock in case tetibe trase nak belasah eskem kan..So everyone mark your calendar on 31st and Pink Wednesday!

After that we heading to Downtown Jalan Reko. Saje have a light supper. Yep, we didn't go to a crowded place to celebrate NY. What I remembered, I just wished happy new year to my hubby in the car by the time we reached home and Nazhan was sleeping safe n sound. Heard the fireworks only.

The next day on New Year itself, me just lepaking at MIL house. Nothing much, just eat, sleep and watch tv. Boring right! But what to dooooooooooo...nak kuar i bet everyone bz with their own family. Plan nak baking pun tergendala sebab tetibe M menjelma...this weken probably will do bake.

What I hope for 2013 - please be kind to me!

1. Career - get better increment (salary) and better position.
2. Health - smooth pregnancy, less flu, cough and migraine.
3. Baby - yay! Hopefully it's a G this time...if B not bad! Hoping for SVD again this time.
4. Self Improvement as a daughter, wife and mother.

That's all...Chow!

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