Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I've been ATTACK!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hi everyone..How are you?

So how's ur weken?..How's ur cuti wilayah?

Mine at first was great. On friday consider as my lazy day. Nothing much just house chore. Then come saturday morning I baked 1 healthy cake for my fren's nephew which is no sugar n no salt. Gambar kek x cantek sangat. Almaklumlah amateur..huhu. But my fren said her SIL said sedap! Anak die makan byk..
feeuuhh! Scared actually sebab x penah wat healthy cake kan, main campak2 puree je. Luckily la sedap.

ni gambar kek yg x semegah k...

Then on Sunday morning I wake up with itchy feeling at my throat. And later I got slight cough...Later at night I experienced bad cough which has tighten my chest and my respiratory tract becoming tight also. I know that soon or later I can get asthma. It havent attack me almost 15-20 years. Slight attack is normal to me. But when I started depending on ventolin nebulizer mean this is not a good sign. It will take me days to recover.

So on Monday as expected I got asthma and I can bare with the tight chest n respiratory tract. I message my SIL, asked her to accompany me to Az-Zahra. Dr confirm that I have asthma attack n he gave me ventolin neb. After that I feel better. Balik rumah makan ubat n rehat. There's goes my day...

Then dah petang nak maghrib cam tu, terasa lagi tight chest n respiratory tract. So waiting for Mr Rasaksa to come home and bring me to Az-Zahra again. Couldnt wait for check up, i requested to refer directly to emergency. Then the dr comes, she gave me neb also. N she also prescribe me with Ventolin Inhaler so i can use it anywhere instead of repeating to the hospital few time. Again she cant prescribe me a pill, not good for preggy lady.

Since I'm not yet having a dinner, so we went to the nearest restaurant. Just ordered Roti Bakar, enuf to survive that night. Furthermore I felt like full already with neb smoke in my lung!..huhu

Some memory at Bangi Kopitiam,

budak amik order..."incik mau makan apa?"

ok, daddy dh pening...lain order, lain yg di tulisnye...

Introducing you,.. 

My new best friend!

Ps:..setiap penyakit adalah penghapus dosa...Doakan saya cepat sembuh ye!

2 baby's note!:

cikpuanputeri said...

takecare mummy.

mrs kayrul said...

jaga diri baik..cepat sembuh..

pandainya encem ambik order

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