Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm 25...weeks la!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Kehadapan kawan2 blogers ku sekalian...cewaahh cam tulis warkah buat kekasih plak!
How are you doing people?...Bz?..Sihat?

Me Alhamdulillah, so far so gooooooood!

Empty kan blog, xde entry. Biasa la mood swing to left to the right. Mood orang preggy cm ni lah. Mula-mula rasa nak menulis, macam2 terjah. While writing suddenly mood level drop to -ve...so no entry for that day.

25 weeks and I'm doing great! My baby is very active inside. Entah ape yg di buatnye pun i xtau. At one time i rasa cm die korek2 kat bawah tu. Feel senak of course...and I feel like tahan nak yak! huhu

Last 2 week I did a check up, n my hB reading drop to 10.5 which is reading before was 11++. Wonder if I did take much healthy food, but I did ate green vege that contain high VitB12 n so on. So tomorrow will be another check up to see whether my hB drop or at better level.

Talking bout baby's gender, until now we have not much time to spend for scan. It's not that we are not excited, it's just that we...errr..emm..dunno...less care bout gender. What ever come out we will luv he/she like how we love nazhan. Maybe I will share with u all later once I saw 'it'.

Nazhan....Nazhan so far behave well like other baby. But he wants more attentions from us. Manje terlebiy! Even nanny die pun ckp, die dh lain ckit. Lagi dekat nak bersalin, lagi byk la pe'el die. Byk mulot, bebel macam2. It's some kind of happy stress for me! =)

Soon I'm going to be 7m preggy...planning to do some shopping when 7m above. If it's a boy, it wont be much to spend. But if it's girl, then it would be...kaching! Banyak nye nk beli baju2 la kot, yg lain2 tu maybe gune nazhan punye je.

Of course this baby x terkecuali dr having a wishlist.

Since my Medela Fs is already like 2 years old, I'm planning to have another breastpump for back up. I have tested the FS and still working fine. But I'm still like worried what if suddenly die merajuk ke ape kan..so better to have back up.

I have bought this for my fren last time.

The comparison as below; 

For me, it's just like Fs but way cheaper. If you can see the design very cute n simple. And it's lighter than my Fs. Harga not more than RM400. Hopefully hubby kasi greenlight utk 2nd back up breastpump!

3 baby's note!:

Momma's Odyssey said...

zihan mn nk beli miPump tue??

Zihan Zamberi said...

May: u bleh beli kat kedai baby ade jual...price below rm400...ade sale myb cheaper..u may ask mimie for review..

Shakina Farhan said...

mipump tu comelnye color biruuu..

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