Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Forty Weeks & Uno day

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hoolllaaaa....hi everyone! Yeaahhh dun be surprise as I still can update my blog. At the moment I'm not in the hospital or labor room. I'm in the office..sangat berdedikasi kan. I came to work on off depend on my condition actually. If I feel fine and boring to stay at home alone so I come to work. Nak g ronda2 shopping mall xde geng, x best!

I have past my 40 weeks yesterday. N no birthing sign. Until last night, when I do a check up the Dr said that I'm already dilated 1cm. Haahhh 1cm only??..haiiyaa very slow the progress.

I go back last night with hope that I will deliver in my sleep. Hehehe. Obviously that is not going to happened. Like Nazhan last time, after Dr K dilated me 2cm and the next morning I have delivered him to the world. I guess this time a bit challenging. But Baby DM please help mummy ok in labour room. Daddy will catch you, no worries!

This morning I wake up beside my Mr Rasaksa, saw him feeling lazy to work. He likes hoping that he can get PL already. bad daddy. Ur baby is still trying to make a way out from mummy's tummy. While I took bath, I saw a brownish mucus coming out. Feel excited already as the birthing process has begin. Yiippppiieee...

My fren told me, that maybe baby DM wana come out same birthday with her which I cant wait that long. If not tonight most possible tomorrow. Baby DM which date you prefer 130626 or 130627?? Hhmmm let him decide while I wana think what I would like to have before deliver DM out. hehehe

Overview: Natural Ways To Bring On Labour, you may refer to this link if u wanted to know further.

To all of you my frens, please pray for me and my baby ya. Wish us luck in Labour Room!

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ettyzukhair said...

on your mark get set go!! gudluck kakakku!!

ctmah said...

All the best zihan

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