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My Natural Birthing HIS Way..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Masih sempat untuk I ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all (famili, frens, readers, blogwalkers n advertiser). Amacam raya? Mesti kevavoomm kan. Den dapat feel dr jauh je la tgk all shopping moping, makanan ruji raya yang sedap2..makanan i pun sodap2 gak versi #pantangraya (xtau ade ke x # ni)..dapat g jenjalan rumah sedara mara n rakan taulan.. n mcm2 yg terhad untuk dilakukan org pantang. Pendek kata raya kali ni..ku x brapa nak raya lah. Tp raya la jugak sbb dapat baby baru...

Such a long delay kan i took nak update cite branak nih (utk tatapan diri n anak kelak)...

Hooraiitt..mesti rasa nk muntah baca previous entry yg ntah ape2 tu kan. Emosi gak orang nak baca panjang berjela tu. I know, orang lebiy suka tgk gambar dr membebel secara detail. Details yang bersepah2.

I'mmm choooo chori..chori-chori,..chupke chupke...hmm chuppa chup!

Now let me share you bout my labour story.

On 8th July 2013. (a day before 42 weeks) 

Around 4.30am
I started feeling uncomfortable but manage to sleep-sleep chicken.

I told my husband the pain is like contraction. I even feel want to push. He gave me a back rub. Then I went to the bathroom, but there is no sign like blood stain. When I squat for peeing, I feel like pushing out the baby. But I know it's not yet the time. I lay down and crumple pn the bed. Menonggeng2 tahan sakit constipation nak push. This consider mild ok.

I remember that I installed a contraction application in my smartphone. So I started to use it and based on the contraction pain which come in 5 min and less, it gave me a note "You are in Active Labour". I told my husband and he asked me to bath and pray. Pagi tu sempat la lg solat subuh and solat hajat mohon Allah permudahkan urusan bersalin.

Siapkan segala keperluan Nazhan and hantar die g umah babysitter. Sib bek la pg. Kalo tgh2 malam xtau nak kate cm mane..umah MIL lah jawabnye. Then we rush to the hospital. Pagi tu sempat minum fresh milk je. Hubby plak langsung x breakfast pepe. Sorry ye sayang...

After inform at the check up counter that I supposed to admit today for induction, but I feel like 'pushing already'. The nurse asked me proceed to the labour room. Then we meet the midwife and her asst. She then request me to lay down and the midwife perform VE on me. She tells me that I was 5cm dilated and I'm ready for birth. Alhamdulillah, I was crying in the toilet after they have inserted a medicine in my butt so I can defecate everything. Berhasil jua usaha natural induce for labour dengan izin Allah.

I shared with them my birth plan, and she claimed that their procedure also almost the same. Mostly what I have listed in the birth plan, they said they were doing it. I told them that I dont want to lay down and dont want to attach with CTG. But they declined it. Since I'm in pain and cannot think much, just do what they said.

Starting from that moment I just lay down with CTG n BP machine. Uurrgghh...

My contraction is soooo wonderful...this time the pain is getting stronger, different experience from my 1st birthing. But luckily with breathing technique I manage to control the pain. And most of the time my husband's body part became my squeezing things. Sorry's the only things I can reach. When I'm trying the hugging style, I think it's much better. The pain is lesser.

After a few hours melayan contraction then MW dtg check that my bukaan baru 7cm. Then die kata nak pecahkan ketuban untuk cepatkan bukaan and process bersalin. But I refused and I prefer to go naturally. X lame pas tu, my Dr. dtg and die check bukaan n cakap kene pecah gak ketuban. When I saw the amnihook siyesly berdebar-debar giler. Then few second terasa cecair panas keluar secara perlahan-lahan. Contraction semakin kuat, and semakin kuat jugak lah aku squeez Mr Rasaksa.

Agak puas melayan contractions yang bacaan nye semakin tinggi, tetibe rasa nak meneran. Bile dah rasa cm tu i follow je body punye reaction..just go with flow...nurse pun support suh i ngiring ke kiri supaya kepala baby cepat crowning (kepala dah melepasi cervic, refer gambar no 4) walaupun masa tu 9cm dilated. Die suh push je perlahan-lahan.

Ms ni I yg I igt hubby cakap 11.30am. Bile dah crowning je Dr pun datang. Then diorg siapkan drip bagai which 2 kali cucuk baru ok. Masa ni dah pasrah, I just focus on delivering the baby. What I know drip tu adelah pitocin utk cepatkan pengecutan rahim after I deliver the baby. Tujuan die untuk kuar kan tembuni/ uri/ placenta dgn kadar segera.

Then I focus on my contraction and push the baby out.

1st Contraction. 
I was asked by the team (Dr, Midwife n her asst) to push hard with few breathing. Jenuh nak curi nafas k. Masa ni sangat perlukan tenaga n stamina. So I give all out, sebab dah x tahan nak tunggu lama2. Time ni  rasa Dr tolak my V to give a way for baby's head.

2nd Contraction.
Same ways when contraction attack. And this time rasa seksa giler. Diorg x bg stop pushing in 1 contraction with few breathing. As I push hard, kepala baby kuar n Dr terus tarik baby out. So koyakan V secara natural berlaku di situ which I was informed it just only tissues n skin (cant remember) involved not muscle (if performed epi cut). At 12.05pm, lahir lah khalifah Allah ini. After baby dah kuar I started rasa lemah giler, cam berserah je lah ape diorg nak wat. MW letak baby jap on my chest. I can hear he cried, can hold him for awhile. Terasa kehangatan die. Then nurse amik baby.

Then I feel cam Dr tarik tali pusat tp x rasa placenta/ uri kuar. But based on my hubby story Dr seluk tangan sampai siku (he can see blood till that part) masa nak kuar kan uri. I x prasan. Lg pun ms tu kat bawah dh rasa cm sore but still can feel the stitches and thread go in n out. Feeuuhh..rasa nya jahit mentah sbb x rasa pun kene bius. Rasa cm kene gigit semut n rasa seriau je la. And all of this process only took about 1/2 hour. And he's rushing to the other labour room sebab ade case (heartbeat baby x stabil).

Amnihook - untuk pecahkan ketuban

Ni gambaran bukaan cervic untuk proses kelahiran.

Selesai je sume tu then nurse plak datang check jahitan, make sure sume ok. Cuci darah bagai.

Then nurse bagi baby yg separuh bersih. Mean they have removed all the blood stain n vernix.

First time I saw him after half clean he looks so big and mata sepet. Cam anak cina. I was surprise! Since I plan to fully BF again, so I feed him. Nurse reminds me that he needs to drink a lot as they worried if the baby low sugar level. I said ok, No FM. I want 100% breastmilk only.

Boleh dikatakan almost all ape yg I planned for birthing x dapat. Only a few. Nak dijadikan cerita plak, akak yg Dr csec tu duk sebilik ngan I. At first rasa bengang sangat coz baca review n recommendation Dr ni ok, gentle birthing. But what I experienced is totally different. Paling terkilan Dr x wat pun 'delay cord clamping', kecewanyaaaa. This time bleh dikatakan I rasa semua yang I imagin xpernah akan rasa. And paling bengang bile d next day be discharge another lady Dr said "Hhmm baby ok je ni, xde pepe pun." to that csec patient which Dr claimed on her 40 weeks check up heart beat baby drop. I was like "Whhhaaattt??!!", dalam hati je la.

I terkilan bila Dr cepatkan birthing process I so he can perform csec to the other patient in the other labour room. Bukan die x bleh tunggu. Die sendiri pun tahu proses kelahiran adalah semulajadi. Tp xnk tunggu or other nice word, nak selamatkan nyawa baby n ibu.

Dalam diam, I cube faham hikmah yang Allah berikan pada I.
1. Allah dh makbul doa kawan2 n myb doa I untuk tidak di induce atau pun csec. Alhamdulillah~
2. Allah x bg sume nikmat best pada I, Die berikan sedikit nikmat kesakitan untuk menghapus dosa-dosa I.

Slowly I pun let go je lah. Malas nk sembang ngan Dr tu dah, as die dah breech my right as a patient. I cakap ngan Hubby xmo dah (serik) branak situ. Hubby pun cakap x payah dah g branak kat situ with his own reason. Agaknye die pun serik tgk cam tu. Die bleh cakap part Dr nak pull out the baby mcm koyak sabut. I x nampak so xleh nak komen.

Bermula episod mak beranak 2. Harap2 bleh cope with everything.

For mummies or M2B yang baca ni jangan lah terpengaruh sangat k. It just part of my birthing experience which going to be different from all of you. Rezeki masing-masing kan. Just banyakkan berdoa agar dapat yang baik.

Dalam cerita nih, part yang I paling rasa bersyukur ya amat2 is...Allah makbulkan I xkene induce or cser. Itu pun dah kira terbaik yang Allah bg kat I. And of course with that I safely delivered a healthy baby boy.

I think after this better join class GentleBirthing so I can calmly and naturally deliver a baby at home. Maybe can try waterbirth this time, who knows. No more lying on a bed in labour room, hopefully no more!

Next will be his story. Baby DMFA.

Ps: actually xtau bape kali dah stop nih. Written since 3rd week of confinement. jap write, jap delete. today it's published.

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Mrs. Engineer said...

Alhamdulillah semua selamat...bila yg ke3 plak?hehe

Zihan Zamberi said...

Haha..abis pantang pun blum (lg 2 hari)..nk pk yg 3??..idok ler. Tunggu lg 2 tahun.
Nak pk mcm mane nk handle 2 org ni dulu.

Chekgu Azrine said...


Sarah Veelara said...

Tahniah kak.aduiii kak.seriau sy bc.hahaha.part akk kate msuk smpai ke siku. N so nk pitam.hahaha

.Edi.Jie. said...

salam..sorry i baru baca ur blog..actually ni kat hospital mana ni?

mira said...

kak zihan, the same Dr helped me deliver my baby. sadly, I kena induced sebb dh full term & berat I turun. dahla baby pun vacuum sebb i was too weak to push & kepala baby senget skit. midwife tu pulak dok uli perut i nk bg baby keluar, sakit ya rabbi..smpai my husband almost marah dia. after bersalin perut belah kiri took almost 3 weeks to heal. klau terkena bantal ke sure sakit. tp bab jahitan Dr tu memg bagus la...kemas je x rasa sakit. but lepas ni maybe opt for another Dr kot.

Anis Ridanis said...

mata terkebil2 sambil telan air liur.. hua..
apepun, alhamdulillah, semua selamat.. :D

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