Thursday, December 4, 2014


Assalamualaikum w.b.t, back again here.

Is there any reader that still read my blog?...kekeke...Soalan perasan!

December...My December...My Most Favourite Month in the Year.

# Why December is so Interesting? #

# December Birth Flower #

Narcissus & Poinsettia

Associated with the tenth wedding anniversary. 
When the bright yellow daffodil pokes through 
late winter's ground, it's like a long-awaited friend 
returning home and a birth flower anyone would be 
proud to call their own. Symbolizing rebirth and new 
beginnings, particularly when presented in an abundant 
bouquet, daffodils promise happiness and joy
Also known as the Christmas flower, legend has it that 
poinsettias began as a humble weed. When a little girl 
– with no means for a grander gift – placed weeds on a 
church altar, they turned into brilliant red blooms. 
Symbolizing good cheer and merriment

# December Birth Stone #

No wonder I like this colour a lot.....

# December Birth Sign #

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And this year 2014 December, I'm so grateful that Allah has granted few of my wishes...Alhamdulillah. Hope more good things will come next year. I du'a same things for all of you...=)

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